27. Kelly Clarkson, "behind These Hazel Eyes" (2005)

Kelly Clarkson and her powerful vocals continue to take us back today. At one point "Behind These Hazel Eyes" was every girl's excuse to scream it out after getting her heart broken. In a world where cell phones and texting were still pretty new, all you could do was restrain yourself from calling his house 50 times and leaving a nasty message on an answering machine that everyone could hear

. Instead, you turned up the radio and sang along to the American Idol winner's heartbreaking jam. Can we talk about that video? Man, that sure can fire a girl up! Hmm, this song could arouse anger like nothing else could. But afterward, you felt as if a big rock had been lifted off of your shoulders. You would phone your friends like, "You wanna go to the mall, I just did some 'Kelly therapy' and I'm ready to find a rebound." Yeaaaaah!!!

NSYNC, "This I Promise You" (2000)
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