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Peaceful Music to Listen to While Hitting the Books without Losing Focus ...

By Holly

You can't listen to your favorite song while you do your homework, because you'll be too busy singing along to the lyrics to pay attention to what you're writing. That's why you need to pick the right tunes for your study sessions. The more relaxing your music is, the more relaxed you'll feel overall. The next time you crack open your books to do homework or to cram for a big test, here are a few peaceful songs to listen to:

1 Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has a peaceful voice that can soothe you. You've probably heard this song on the radio one thousand times, which means that you won't be paying too much attention to the lyrics. You've heard them all before, so they shouldn't distract you. Instead, his soft voice and the peaceful rhythm of the song will help you concentrate on your work.

2 Somewhere over the Rainbow by Ezpc

This is another song that you've heard time and time again, so it shouldn't distract you. Of course, unless you've seen 50 First Dates, you're probably used to hearing it sung a different way. However, this ukelele cover makes the song sound even more peaceful than the original. It'll keep you calm and collected, even when you're frustrated with your work.

3 Untouchable by Taylor Swift

Taylor has plenty of poppy songs that are upbeat and entertaining. This one, however, is soft and slow. It's perfect to listen to when want some noise in the background. Plus, it's a pretty long song, which means you won't have to press the "replay" button as often as you're used to doing.

4 Yellow by Coldplay

This is such a beautiful song that you'll continue playing it long after your study session is over. You already knew that Coldplay was talented, but this song takes the cake. Not only is the sound soothing, but the lyrics are beautiful. Listen to it to see for yourself.

5 Tell Laura I Love Her by Ray Peterson

You don't have to listen to modern music. There are plenty of songs from the "olden days" that are perfect to listen to while you do your homework. Even though this is an incredibly sad song, it's also sweet and relaxing.

6 High & Dry by Radiohead

Who doesn't love Radiohead? If you haven't fallen for them yet, then this song will change your opinion on them. Just don't get too distracted by the music video that you forget to do your work. It's probably best for you to keep this video in another tab on your computer, so that you're not tempted to watch it instead of study.

7 A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

You might've seen this song on fan-made music videos on YouTube, because it fits with almost everyone's OTP (one true pairing). When you have the time to listen to these lyrics, you're going to love them. But for now, you should listen to the piano in the background and let the rest drift away.

When you're trying to get important work done, it's crucial to find music that won't distract you, so you won't lose your concentration. What songs do you usually listen to while you do your homework?

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