9 Songs to Send to Your Sweetheart ...


9 Songs to Send to Your Sweetheart ...
9 Songs to Send to Your Sweetheart ...

There are some songs to send to your sweetheart which seem to do the best job of showing him how you truly feel. While words spoken from the heart are never wrong, putting them in verse to a beautiful melody holds a certain potency with which most of us would have a challenging time competing. These songs to send to your sweetheart are filled with just the right emotion and a catchy beat to boot!

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Savage Garden - Truly, Madly, Deeply

They had us at the first few lines, promising to be our hope, our love, and our dream. Of the songs to send to your sweetheart, this is pretty strong stuff… Add to that the soft and tender musicality of singers Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones, and you have a sigh in the making. Sending this song is not for the uncommitted. Listen on to hear promises for "laying like this forever until the sky falls down" upon me. Beautiful, affirming, haunting, promising.


Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon

Mr. Sinatra had the unmistakable way of phrasing a song, punching the syllables, and swinging us in a hammock all the way to the moon with his voice. This Rat Pack era special begs to “play among the stars,” and “let you see what life is like on Jupiter and Mars.” In return, you are telling him he is all you “long for, worship and adore.” This is a song about the exciting possibilities of love and commitment, a promise of a life filled with unending love and adventures. What a way to tell someone how you feel!


Nat King Cole - What’ll I do

Nat’s version of this war-era song creates a look into the mind and heart of someone missing their love. If you will be separated from your sweetheart for a day or much longer, this song will tell him what he means to you and always will.


Diana Krall - East of the Sun

Diana’s sultry voice in itself is a valentine. Brooks Bowman’s lovely lyrics only add to the sense that this song is beyond time. The hope of the singer is to find a place beyond this world to live in, a dream home made for two, for always. In its own way, it begs for the rest of the world to leave the lovers alone, while they build their forever together.


Roberta Flack - the First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

For a song to tell your love you remember who he was to you then, and that you will remember for always, this is the song. In soft detail paired to the mellifluous voice of Ms. Flack, we are taken inside the feelings of when she first saw her love, and how it has only grown stronger. If you and your love have been through some challenges, this is the song to sway slowly to, together.


Orleans - Still the One

A song of celebration and honesty, this upbeat tune rejoices that regardless of whether “I never want to see your face again,” he’s still the one. Through changes, trials, and angst, there was always him, and there always will be. This is a song to celebrate getting through it and keeping on keeping on!


The Cure - LoveSong

The song was famously written for singer Robert Smith’s wife by him. With this song, you’re telling your beloved you feel free, young, joyful again. When all else is considered, how much higher of a compliment could there be than to help someone feel free with your love?


Luther Vandross - Here and Now

Quite possibly one of the most requested wedding songs, Luther’s passionate, reassuring, and fluid voice promises your love that you will love and cherish him for always and forever faithfully, and that starts Here and Now.


Paul McCartney - Maybe I’m Amazed

Written by Sir Paul for his first wife Linda, offering this song to your sweetheart tells him you are amazed that the kind of love you share not only exists, but it exists between the two of you. It tells him the way he loves you is just right, and more than you could have imagined. Sigh….

As Sir Paul himself said, this world is filled with love songs. And what’s wrong with that? What is your favorite love song?

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My favorite is You and I by Avant ft. Keke Wyatt. I first heard it at my sister's wedding and I love it! Listen to it and I'm kinda 100% sure you'll like it :)

LOL! The one who is singing in the first one sounds gay!!! No offense though.

love number 9 and the beatles- all my loving is a good love song too as well as "And I love her"

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