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11 Songs to Use in a Marriage Proposal ...

By Heather

When I proposed to Lyndsie, I went through a ton of different songs to use in a marriage proposal and that got me thinking, what about the readers? If you're planning on proposing, why not look through a list of the very best songs to use in a marriage proposal that will describe your love perfectly? Take a look girlies, this list is pretty amazing and wouldn't you want to share this with your partner?

1 I Swear by All4One

This is of course one of the top songs to use in a marriage proposal because the words are absolutely incredible. Not only does this describe a marriage beautifully, but it's such an amazing song that can be used to propose to your partner and to describe your relationship perfectly.

2 I do (Cherish You) by 98 Degrees

Way back when, I used to absolutely love 98 Degrees and this song is still on my playlist! Not only is this song absolutely beautiful, but it would make a great background for any proposal in the world. Whether you despise boy bands or not, this is an amazing song that describes love perfectly.


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3 On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men

I couldn't have a list of proposal songs without including this one! Boyz II Men is a band that is all about beautiful love songs and this one is no exception! Not only does it describe a proposal impeccably, but could you imagine proposing to your partner to Boyz II Men? Listen to it, you'll love it!

4 Marry Me by Train

This song is beautiful. Plain and simple, this song is beautiful. Who wouldn't want to hear this song playing in the background as they slip to their knee and give a ring to their beautiful partner? I love this song and this was almost the song that I played when I proposed to Lyndsie!

5 A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Even though this particular song was played in a certain movie that I absolutely hate, I love the song. It's beautiful. Her voice is just so amazing in it and the words? It describes perfectly all of the emotions that you go through when you are going to propose to the one that you love.

6 Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

While you might not think of this particular song being the perfect marriage proposal song, I think it's all about accepting everything that your soon-to-be-fiance is. You love them just the way that they are and you wouldn't want to change a thing. What is more perfect than that?

7 Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden

Savage Garden is one of my favorite bands and this is easily one of my favorite songs – this one and I Knew I Loved You. Either one of these two songs would be the perfect background to your proposal – after all, would you question your love? And would you want to love your partner truly, madly and deeply? Perfect descriptions!

8 Marry Me by Jason Derulo

When I was doing my research for this particular list, I had no idea that I would find a song like this! It's perfect in every single way for a marriage proposal and it really does bring tears to my eyes. I love this song and I can tell you for sure that if I had to do it all over again, I might pick this one!

9 Bring You Back by Peter Stuart

This is a song that is super, super personal to me, as Lyndsie introduced this particular song to me and I instantly loved it. When we were in a long distance relationship, she actually sent me one of her tee shirts with cigarette holes – that's how much this song meant to me. I had to put it on here and even if you've never heard of Peter Stuart, listen to it, it's beautiful.

10 Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate

This is another song that Lyndsie introduced me to and I instantly fell in love with it and her. This is a song for a couple that is looking for a proposal song that is outside of the box. While I love the off-the-album version better than the album version, this song is still beautiful no matter how you listen to it.

11 Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Finally, I couldn't have a marriage proposal song list without including Adele. She is the queen of love songs and her voice in this song is absolutely beautiful. She really makes you fall in love a little deeper and I absolutely love the lyrics.

There you have it! Now that you know all of the top songs to use in a marriage proposal, what songs are you thinking about using? Give 'em up!

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