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21 Romantic Songs to Listen to This Valentine's Day ...

By Jennifer

All you need is love - and a romantic, butterflies-in-your-belly love song - this Valentine's Day! Here are a few of my all-time favorite love songs to add to your heart-day smooch-fest playlist. Warning: I have weird taste in music. That is all.

1 Bungalow - Scott Helman

I adore this song, truly - it's just sweet and romantic and upbeat.

2 Closer - Travis

This is the best song for the beginning of a relationship.

3 Delicate - Damien Rice

The heartache of a love that just can't be.

4 Everything's Magic - Angels & Airwaves

Another upbeat song, just as much of a whirlwind as the end of a crush, and the start of a lover.

5 Fallen for You - Sheila Nicholls

For when your crush just. doesn't. get it.

6 Banshee Song - Gob

The words of this song are so sweet, even if the video is a little... dark?

7 Bloodstream - Stateless

I don't know why this song feels so sexy to me, in a sad kind of way, but I love it.

8 Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg

Where did you meet your crush?

9 Fix You - Coldplay

Is this a love song? Maybe, maybe not. But it feels like one to me.

10 Gotta Have You - the Weepies

Oh my goodness gracious, I love this sweet song! And the fan-created video that goes with it.

11 I Must Be High - Wilco

Finally, a happy, feel-good love song!

12 I Will Follow You into the Dark - DC4C

I love the message of this song - that no matter what, we'll be together.

13 Lost Together - Blue Rodeo

An oldie, but a (very twangy) goodie.

14 Mad about You - Hooverphonic

What a good song... the lyrics tell such a familiar story!

15 No One's Gonna Love You - Band of Horses

Heck yes, this is my all-time favorite love song.

16 Pumpkin Soup - Kate Nash

What kind of relationship is this? Are you friends? More than friends?

17 Rescue Song - Mr. Little Jeans

The lyrics tell such an odd but sweet story... love at the start.

18 Save Me - Aimee Mann

From the Magnolia soundtrack, this song is so spot on, isn't it? The lyrics are just perfect.

19 Song beneath the Song - Maria Taylor

She says this isn't a love song, but it sure feels like one to me. Yeah, it's from Grey's Anatomy, but still.

20 Stole My Heart - Little & Ashley

I first heard this song in an commercial... it's so sweet!

21 Sweet Disposition - the Temper Trap

I just love this song. That is all.

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