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10 Insanely Seductive Dances to Learn before You Die ...

By Holly

The more items you add to your bucket list, the better. They'll help you live a fulfilling life that you can be proud of. Since we all love to listen to music, but might be too shy to get up and dance in front of strangers, there are some dances you should learn before you die. As soon as you master the moves, you'll stop being so scared of getting up on the dance floor.

1 Salsa Dancing

What's sexier than salsa dancing? Even if you never learn how to move like they do on Dancing With the Stars, you're capable of learning a few steps that you can show off to all of your friends. Of course, you're going to need a partner if you're going to salsa, which means that you need to chat up a cutie and ask him to practice with you. It could make for a memorable date!

2 Belly Dancing

If you want to learn some new moves that don't require a partner, you can learn to belly dance. Hip lifts and shimmies are two basic moves that shouldn't take you too long to master. Just make sure you stand in front of a mirror while wearing a crop top, so you can make sure that you're moving correctly.

3 Ballroom Dancing

When your wedding day arrives, you'll want to ballroom dance with your new husband or wife. That's why you should start learning the moves now, so you're prepared for your big day before it arrives. Luckily, this dance isn't all that sexual, so if you don't have a partner to practice with, you can try it with a friend or family member.

4 Common Party Dancing

There are a bunch of party dances that you should learn, such as the Electric Slide, the Macarena, the Hokey Pokey, the Cotton Eyed Joe, and the Cupid Shuffle. Even the worst dancers are able to memorize these dance moves and pull them off, so you've got nothing to lose. These songs will be played at every wedding you'll ever attend, so you might as well learn them all.

5 Grinding

Most people consider grinding to be distasteful. Unfortunately, it's something that you'll see at every club you go to. If you want to get close with a cutie on the dance floor, then it can help to know how to grind. This tutorial is extra special, because it shows you how to grind in a way that isn't all that raunchy.

6 Hula Dancing

You don't have to visit Hawaii in order to show off your hula skills. Strap into an adorable skirt and get ready to learn some simple steps. If you're not used to moving your arms and legs at the same time, this dance will be a great way to enhance your dancing skills.

7 Dancing in General

Most parties have music and a dance floor. If you're scared of making a fool of yourself, then you should practice your dance moves ahead of time. If you follow the steps in this video, you'll not only learn some smooth new moves, but you'll also get a great workout.

8 Rumba Dancing

A Latin dance style that's known as ballroom's "dance of love", it's a super sexy dance that requires a new kind of closeness and chemistry between partners. You won't be able to resist each other when you learn to Rumba together.

9 Tango Dancing

It seems all the movies have a Tango as a romantic dance, and it's not hard to figure out why. It's a form of closeness between the dancers that you can't fake. It's sultry, and when choreographed correctly, can tell such a sensual love story you'll be sweating when you're done!

10 Samba Dancing

Put great chemistry together and you'll get a Samba dance that's hot hot hot! Your romance will be on fire when you two learn to Samba, and when the music ends, the lights go out and the chemistry keeps on going between y'all!

Right now, you might not have any impressive moves. But if you practice, you can look just as amazing on the dance floor as any one of your friends. Do you consider yourself to be an amazing dancer, or are you too clumsy?

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