15 Amazing Singers Who Really Don't Need Autotune ...

There are so many amazing singers who sound absolutely flawless live. Those are my favorite kind of artists! When a musician manages to sound better than their studio versions, I'm genuinely impressed. That's what music should be about, right? These amazing singers can belt out any note and sound incredible. They'll never need auto tune, not even in the studio! These artists can lay it all down in just one take. Keep in mind that these are just 15 out of MANY talented singers.

1. Ariana Grande

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Must I really explain why Ariana made the list of amazing singers? This girl's voice is way ahead of her time. She sounds incredible whenever she sings! I love that she can sound so amazing singing a ballad, and then jump right into one of her pop songs and still sound great. Her voice is already perfectly tuned, no need to mess with it in the studio! Her debut album even hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 200 Chart.

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