Top 10 Diss Tracks in Hip Hop History ...

Throughout the years, hip hop has evolved. Compared to the golden age, today’s music sounds different, the lyrical content is often different and, of course, the street fashion is totally different. One thing however, that absolutely never changes in the world of hip hop is the power that a good old fashioned diss track can have! Diss tracks have long been a way for rival rappers to express their feelings about fellow rappers using their vocal talents, and rap history has been peppered with iconic examples of the format for as long as hip hop has been around. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out the best diss tracks in hip hop history.

1. The Story of Adidon – Pusha T

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Let’s start with one of the newest additions to the pantheon of all-time great diss tracks. Released in May 2018, The Story of Adidon is a lyrical attack by Pusha T on Canadian superstar Drake. Pusha doesn’t hold back on the track, coming for Drake’s parents, the health of his producer, a rumoured deal he has with Adidas and even going so far as to label him a deadbeat dad!

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