10 Fearless Songs for Fearless Females Everywhere ...


10 Fearless Songs for Fearless Females Everywhere ...
10 Fearless Songs for Fearless Females Everywhere ...

I'm here to share some fearless songs for fearless females. Have you ever had those days when everything's going wrong? Maybe you feel insecure in your skin, or maybe someone has assumed your domestic role should be in the kitchen (it's still happening). It's frustrating, I know! These days, we need a song to rally behind to remember how fearless we can be because, let's face it, some days we feel like we can't accomplish anything.

So, settle in and get your smart device cued up as you jam to these ten fearless songs for fearless females.

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"Wait in Line" by Christina Aguilera Feat. Demi Lovato

This is one of my favorite fearless songs for fearless females. It’s about time Christina Aguilera returned to grace us with her powerful voice! Who would have thought that these two divas would ever be on one track together? Well, guys, your dreams just came true! “Wait in Line” reminds us of the inner strength that all young women possess. Let’s face it, women in our society are constantly chastised for the clothes they wear. “Wait in Line” addresses the ideology women have to face every day of their lives and that’s what makes it so empowering.


"Hunger" by Florence + the Machine

Striking. Vulnerable. Soulful. This new hit by Florence + The Machine hits all the right notes and stirs you in your core. “Hunger” is a song about the kind of love we deserve in our lives; it reminds us that love should not deprive us, but it should always fulfill us. Through this song, Florence shows us that we can be tender and be fearless. For young women, there should be a beauty in being vulnerable and receiving the kind of love that we deserve.


"Praying" by Kesha

After a long hiatus from music, Kesha hit us with this breathtaking, poignant hit. “Praying,” compared to many other recent pop ballads, is not about getting back at someone who wronged you. Rather, this song is about praying—the type of praying that does not regret the mistakes of the past, but makes you emerge stronger for having experienced them.


"I Did Something Bad" by Taylor Swift

How often have you been told to be a good girl? Well, Taylor Swift’s having none of it! It’s about time we have a song that creates a new narrative for young women. In this song, Taylor Swift shows us how doing something “bad” can actually be kind of fun. From the “Fearless” singer herself, there’s a reason this song made the cut!


"It’s My Party" by Lesley Gore

I present to you Lesley Gore, fearless singer of “You Don’t Own Me.” Here’s another one of her songs that you might not be familiar with. In this catchy hit, Lesley Gore exclaims, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!” After a mishap with her boyfriend and a girl named Judy, Lesley Gore is frustrated and wants to show the world how she feels. She doesn’t care what the people at her party thinks; after all, it is her party and she’s going to cry if she wants to!


"I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor

A powerful anthem of all time! Gloria Gaynor shows us how we can be strong and spunky as we walk out the door. There is hope after any breakup and we can remain fearless during the initial heartbreak. I am woman, hear me roar! Oh, wait . . . that’s a different song!


"I Am Not a Robot" by Marina and the Diamonds

Sometimes, you need to remember that you’re vulnerable and that this is completely okay. “I Am Not a Robot” is the kind of song that you need in your life for that. The meaning may sound incredibly simple, but you would be surprised how often people forget that their emotions are an important part of their lives.


"Team" by Lorde

Let’s be honest with ourselves; this song was a bit overplayed on the radio, but that doesn’t deny how spot on this song is. “Team” is one of my personal favorites from Lorde because there aren’t a lot of songs that showcase something other than the Hollywood ideal of female adolescence. Instead, Lorde shows us how we may not be perfect, but that there is a beauty in the chaos of adolescence. We form our own communities, our own families that make us who we are. If that isn’t fearless, then I don’t know what is.


"Beautiful Girl" by Sara Bareilles

“Beautiful Girl” is the song I wish I listened to when I was a teenager. Sara Bareilles sings straight to the heart in this love letter to all the girls who have ever been insecure or wished they could be the popular, perfect girl. It’s an extremely thoughtful song that every woman should listen tonight, at least once, in their life.


"Thumbelina" by Jillette Johnson

When you’re having a bad day and you’re fed up with the world trying to make you be someone you don’t want to be, well, then, you just have to listen to this song. It’s a spunky hit that tells it like it is and might make you dance while you pump your fist in the air.

What songs make you feel fearless?

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