What Song Should Your Zodiac Listen to Today?

By Holly

What song should you listen to today? According to Your Tango, your zodiac sign can give you a hint. So here you go:

1 Scorpio

Fade Into You —Mazzy Star

2 Sagittarius

Pump It —Black Eyed Peas

3 Capricorn

Rambling Man —Laura Marling

4 Aquarius

Are You Gonna Go My Way —Lenny Kravitz

5 Pisces

Melt Me —Hanni El Khatib

6 Aries

Girl On Fire —Alicia Keys feat. Nicki Minaj

7 Taurus

Foot Shooter —Frightened Rabbit

8 Gemini

Eez-eh —Kasabian

9 Cancer

The Hills -The Weeknd

10 Leo

Slow Down —Selena Gomez

11 Virgo

Dreams —Beck

12 Libra

Uptown Funk —Bruno Mars

Do you like the song associated with your zodiac sign?

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