Kanye and J.Cole Tweet Album Announcements in the Same Week ...

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Kanye and J.Cole Tweet Album Announcements in the Same Week ...

Alert: Kanye and J.Cole Tweet album announcements!!

Mark your calendars! Two big artists got their fans going crazy as they announced their albums on Twitter.

J. Cole announced that he’s releasing his album on Friday, April 20th. First, he posted a very descriptive and artistic album cover on Instagram and captioned it, “Cover. KOD 4/20”. The art was a painting of Cole wearing a crown and draped in a King’s robe. Below him, the picture demonstrates a deep meaning by showing three skulls and four kids. The skulls obviously represented death and each of the kids were shown using the following drugs: marijuana, cocaine, “syzurp” (syrup medicine mixed with soda), and pills (which can be molly, ecstacy, xanax, etc.).

Then he posted the back cover and captioned it, “Tracklist/back cover. KOD 4/20.”

Fans are excited and are wondering what the acronyms, KOD, stands for. A few of the guesses in the comment section were, “King of Dreamville” or “Kids on Drugz”.

Meanwhile, Kanye returned to Twitter and started tweeting pictures and inspirational quotes out of nowhere. Then he made a few announcements regarding his album.

The first tweet he sent out read, “my album is 7 songs,” then a minute after, he tweeted “June 1st.” A gazillion retweets and likes after, he tweeted, “me and Cudi album June 8th.”

So what a second…is this a collaboration album? Or is he releasing two separate albums?

This might actually be epic, especially if Kid Cudi is going to create a whole new album with Kanye. However, Yeezy was not finished. He came back and tweeted, “It’s called Kids See Ghost. That’s the name of our group”
“Teyana Taylor June 22nd”
“Pusha T May 25th”
Wow! No wonder Yeezy has been on a hiatus! All of these features will definitely be something the fans will look forward to.

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