Songs to Help You Get over Your Ex ...


Songs to Help You Get over Your Ex ...
Songs to Help You Get over Your Ex ...

Breakups are lousy. You can sit and wallow in your sadness for a while because everyone deserves to be self-pitying sometimes, but then as Taylor says, it’s time to “shake it off”. It’s time to listen to some songs that will help drag you back from your misery and get you ready to get back on the love train or embrace singledom for a while.

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Someone like You by Adele

A great song for reminding you that no matter how much it hurts, you will definitely find love again.


I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

The ultimate girl power song. Throw your handbag on the ground and dance around in single pride!


Stronger by Britney Spears

One of Britney’s best, boasting a message of being stronger without a bad man than with him.


It’s Not Right but It’s Okay by Whitney Houston

The late great Whitney preaches about moving on from a cheater holding your head high.


Knowing Me, Knowing You by ABBA

Sometimes relationships just don’t work, and the feeling is perfectly encapsulated here by the legendary ABBA.

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To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


He Wasn’t Man Enough by Toni Braxton

Life is too short to be spending time on a man you know isn’t good enough for you. Listen to Toni!


Don’t by Ed Sheeran

We’ve all been there, but Ed Sheeran has put into music what many of us cannot bear to say out loud.


You’ll See by Madonna

An underrated Madonna song about the determination to get over a breakup and not let it define you.


You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette

Need to vent some break up anger? You can’t go wrong with this classic by Alanis Morissette!


Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

A slice of perfect pop from the original American Idol winner, full of girl power and no regrets!


Forget You by Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green puts all of the essentials of getting over a break up in to four minutes of catchy pop.


Irreplaceable by Beyoncé

We’ve all belted out the famous ‘to the left, to the left’, and with this song Beyoncé become the patron saint of strong break ups!


Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake

This song was a huge Britney burn at the time, but now it’s a universal break up song for everybody!


Survivor by Destiny’s Child

That’s right girls, listen to Destiny’s Child. You don’t need that good for nothing man, you’re a survivor!


Smile by Lily Allen

Some catchy pop from Lily Allen that lets you know you will see the funny side of your break up one day.


Tears Dry on Their Own by Amy Winehouse

The late great Amy Winehouse gives us a song about inevitably bad relationships and how we must strive to move on from them.


So What by Pink

Hey, you know what? Pink knows that she isn’t defined by her partner, and you shouldn’t be either.


I’m Gonna Be Alright by Jennifer Lopez

Let’s be real. If the gorgeous J. Lo is singing about heartbreak, then we know that it is a completely universal feeling!


Too Little Too Late by JoJo

This 2000s teen singer has something important to say about not being in a relationship where you give and get nothing in return.


Gives You Hell by All American Rejects

Sometimes in order to move on, you just have to get all of your anger out. Let All American Rejects help you with that!


Bye Bye Bye by N’Sync

A slice of classic boy band pop, with Justin and the guys deciding that enough is enough in a bad relationship.


Strong Enough by Cher

One of music’s greatest female stars throws her two cents in to the breakup hate, preaching strength and resilience.


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

Taylor is reminding us that it’s never a good idea to get back together. Once the relationship has turned, it’s never going to be the same!


Fighter by Christina Aguilera

Another great pop anthem about coming out of your relationship with lessons learned and confidence regained.


My Favorite Mistake by Sheryl Crow

Pop country queen Sheryl Crow gives her take on the problems that come arise from an unhealthy relationship.


Roar by Katy Perry

Whenever you are feeling down about your breakup, let Katy bring you out of your funk and remind you that are a champion!


Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood

Another slice of amazing country pop, with Carrie Underwood exacting some of the revenge you wish you could!


Ex-Girlfriend by No Doubt

Gwen Stefani sings about the problem with having a relationship with somebody with too many personality clashes.


I Don’t Need a Man by the Pussycat Dolls

A catchy tune to remind you that you really don’t need a man to be happy in life!


Single Ladies by Beyoncé

The absolute modern girl power anthem. Listen to Beyoncé. She thinks that women deserve the best, and that includes you!

Your turn now ladies. Pitch in with your favorites.

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What about fuck you by Lilly Allen

Deuces and Zero by Chris Brown.

I like songs that make me wanna get up and dance round the room, singing at the top of  my voice. Things like You Oughta know by Alanis Morissette

Nothing broken but my Heart by Celine Dion , life goes on and your spirit isn't broken and this to shall pass are all the things she sings about in this song :)

So many good ones.

Really Don't Care by Demi Lovato ft Cher Loyd and Stitches by Shawn Mendes👌🏼

It's not a traditional breakup song as such, but I would always play Eminem's cleaning out my closet. It's so therapeutic. 

Shout out to my ex - little mix! The best one!

Micky Gayton 'Better Than you left me '

Twerk it out by Riff Raff

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