9 Songs with Food in the Title ...


9 Songs with Food in the Title ...
9 Songs with Food in the Title ...

As I was eating my breakfast, I got to thinking about songs with food in the title. I happened to be munching on a piece of toast, and it reminded me of that rather bizarre little ditty by Paul Young (when he was in Streetband) called “toast” where he imparts his love of grilled bread in song. I thought it might be fun to share with you some other songs with food in the title. Tasty heh?

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American Pie

Of course, this has to be the very top of any list of songs with food in the title. Younger readers will probably be more aware of the Madonna version but for me, the original and classic Don McLean is superior. The meaning of the song’s lyrics is one of the most hotly debated subjects in popular music and there’s no definitive answer. I see it as one man’s portrayal of how the American cultural landscape changed over three decades; how the flavor of American pie changed.



Suzanne Vega has always been one of my favorite songstresses, and her lyrics have always been full of deep meaning. In Vega’s own words Caramel is…”about longing for something and wishing for something you know you really shouldn't have. Caramel is the metaphor for the thing you long for, but you shouldn't really touch." How many times have you munched on a sweet treat knowing you really shouldn’t but …



At the height of the punk era I was a huge Stranglers fan. (Yes, I am that old!) Punk was never about songs and lyrics that were complicated and with hidden meanings. Punk songs were raw and open. One of the more simple songs with food in the title, Peaches is nothing more complicated than being about a guy spending a day at the beach looking at the “peaches” – women. People like to interpret peaches as being a metaphor for lady’s bottoms (front and back).


Birthday Cake

(warning – explicit lyrics)

I don’t think there’s anything ambiguous in Rihanna’s birthday cake. Yes, you can have your cake and eat. Especially when someone gifts it you. And, it tastes, oh so sweet!



Don’t you just love Snow Patrol? And don’t you love them even more when one of the songs with food in the title is named after one of our most favorite things – chocolate! It takes quite a while to work out the connection between the lyrics and the title, but the best explanation of the meaning I have found is that it is about guilt and lying. Lying is like chocolate; you know you'll feel bad for doing it (or eating too much of it) after but you still do it.


There's a Guy Works down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis

It was a sad day when a jet-ski accident took the delicious Kirsty Maccoll from us. She had a deep angelic voice that enriched her often off-the-wall lyrics. Although the title might sound like it’s a bit of a novelty song, it’s actually about a girl questioning her relationship with someone whom she is not so sure is truthful and honest in his dealings in life and with her.


This track features a blend of cheek and charm, laced with a dollop of skepticism. Crafted with witty humor, it puts the spotlight on an all-too-common doubt in fidelity, wrapped in an everyday setting. Kirsty Maccoll flavors the tune with her unmistakable vocal style, crafting an earworm that's both playful and poignant. The protagonist's suspicions sizzle like fish in hot oil, mirroring the deep-fried cover stories offered by her so-called Elvis. It's a recipe for emotional reflection served with a side of musical levity.



Is Kelis singing about a milkshake or is it so much more meaningful than that? If you love to dissect song lyrics to find meaning you can have some fun with this one. Is it just about the delicious milkshake that Kelis has and everyone is envious of? Or is it about her natural charms as a woman that brings the guys running? Or is that her chest is bigger than other the other girls’? Up to you!


Kelis's Milkshake became an anthem of confidence that resonated with many for its catchy beat and ambiguous lyrics. While on the surface, it talks about a sweet, frozen treat, fans speculate that the term "milkshake" is a metaphor for something far more alluring and personal. The song gained traction not just for its groove, but for empowering listeners to embrace their uniqueness. Sure, it's a playful and seductive tune, but at its core, Milkshake champions the idea that what you’ve got is worth celebrating—whether that's a literal dessert or your own irresistible allure.


Meat is Murder

Out of all the songs with food in the title this one must have most appeal to vegetarians and vegans. Straight up, no frills, The Smiths (Morrissey) are singing about how killing animals for food is … murder!



No song list should be without a novelty entry and Vindaloo certainly fits that category. What makes it even more of a novelty is that the song was released as a World Cup Song. British national soccer teams had a history of releasing a squad single to get everyone in the mood for their upcoming attendance at a World Cup and there has been some atrociously cheesy output over the years. But then we had New Order and a rap sequence, and the huge success of “Three Lions” by The Lightning Seeds. And then, along came Fat Les and Vindaloo. The song was written by Alex James (bassist from Blur) and Keith Allen (actor dad of singer Lily Allen). The video is a brilliant parody on The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony. Take a listen and I’ll guarantee you’ll be singing nah nah nah, nah nah nah in no time!

Have you noticed how songs with food in the title are never actually about food? Food is used as a metaphor for well, just about anything in life and love. What are some of your favorite songs with food in the title? Do let us know!

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Sweet like Cola by Lou Bega. Fun catchy song that's about him not wanting his girl to loose weight cause she's perfect the way she is. :)

Hey I think you misunderstand American pie. It's about Buddy Holly's death and how it effected the country

Emblem3 spaghetti

Mandy moore's candy! Hahaha

Ice cream, Sarah McLachlan ...

Chocolate by Kylie Minogue!

Charlie and the chocolate factory! And uh... Cloudy with a chance of meatball

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