Love Indie Music? then You'll Love These 7 Songs ...


Love Indie Music? then You'll Love These 7 Songs ...
Love Indie Music? then You'll Love These 7 Songs ...

Lately, I haven’t had the chance to explore the newest indie tracks that are out there, but thankfully I’ve stumbled upon a few great songs here and there. Although for the most part I am a fan of indie and alternative music, some of these songs may be categorized closer to other genres. However, since I enjoyed them despite my conflicting musical interests, I thought some of you would too. So here are a few songs you should definitely give a listen!

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Two Heads by Coleman Hell

Coleman Hell is not a very well-known artist, but he is an extremely talented guy nonetheless! This exact song is actually what led to my obsession with his sound in the first place. And if you happened to like this song, I would suggest further checking out “Take Me Up” and “Thumbalina”!


Hold Each Other by a Great Big World

Currently, this is one of my favorite songs on my playlist. It’s easy to sing along to and the beat really gets you going even early in the morning. While I haven’t heard much about A Great Big World before discovering this song through Apple Music, I am definitely looking forward to exploring their sound more.


Ex’s & Oh’s by Elle King

Tanner Elle Schneider goes by the stage name Elle King. Her music is a mixture of alternative rock, soul, country and indie pop. The song mentioned here, “Ex’s & Oh’s,” is right off her latest album called “Love Stuff.” I personally adore her raspy voice that really comes out during the chorus!


All Time Low by Jon Bellion

A friend recently recommended that I listen to Jon Bellion, and boy am I glad! I am completely in love with his music. It makes you want to dance, it makes you want to sing! Plus he has a unique sound that will appeal to the majority. I am telling you, this guy is going to be big in the near future!


Where the Sky Hangs by Passion Pit

Passion Pit is one of my all time favorite bands; its music never fails to please. Their recent album “Kindred​,” of which this particular record is off, is one of a kind. While some songs are obviously better than others, there is no truly bad song on the album. So I definitely recommend checking out their collection of beautifully crafted melodic songs.


House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots

“House of Gold” is a truly heart-warming song that I believe many will be able to relate to. It’s a song with a deep-rooted meaning written from the perspective of a son who plans on fulfilling all of his mother’s dreams and hopes once an opportunity strikes. There is a certain feeling of desperation and hopelessness but at the same time the eagerness to fulfill promises.


Pay No Mind by Madeon Ft. Passion Pit

Not only do I love the song, but also the music video that actually has a background story to it. According to the recent press release, "The video is the second installment of a trilogy focused on a young woman, Asteria, and a young man, Icarus. Set in a remote city, in an undefined future, Asteria is restless to see more of the outside world. She finds a friend in Icarus, who shares her desire of leaving."

These are just a few songs I’ve recently been listening to the most, Hopefully, you’ve found a few songs that you liked!


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I really like that for once I saw a list of music that isnt mainstream

At least 4 of these aren't really indie.

Listen to At All by Suzy Jones

Ex's and Oh's :)

Lean on by major lazer + someone else, I like the beat to it it sounds also indie 😊

Love your songs! How did you put your article into the music category?

Twenty one Pilots 👌🏼

My favorite electric indie band is iamamiwhoami :)

twenty onr pilots |-/

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