Amazing Musical Artists You Need to Listen to Right Now ...


Amazing Musical Artists You Need to Listen to Right Now ...
Amazing Musical Artists You Need to Listen to Right Now ...

For music lovers there's nothing more exciting than coming across a new artist (especially those that are somewhat non-mainstream) that you really love! Here a just a few that you need to listen to right now - what did you think of them?

Who's your favourite artist that you recommend listening to?

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Halsey is an American singer that is probably known for her hit song 'Colours' which is quite popular on the radio right now. Some of her best songs include 'Castle', 'Strange Love', 'Hurricane', 'Hold Me Down' and 'Gasoline'. Halsey's latest album is called 'Badlands' released in 2015 along with two others in the previous years.



Layla is a singer born in London who's released a few great songs in the last few years or so. Some of these include 'Fight the Fire', 'Weightless', 'Smokestacks' and of course 'Yellow Circles'. Layla has released 8 albums so far and with her latest called 'Nós Dois' which came out in 2015.



Fallulah is a Danish singer who released her debut album in 2010. A few of her best songs include 'Give us a Little Love', 'Sorrow is a Shadow', 'Dried-Out Cities', 'Perfect Tense' and 'Out of it'. Fallulah has released 4 albums so far and many of her best songs are in 'The Black Cat Neighbourhood'.


The Xx

The xx are an English band who's first album was released all the way back in 2009. Since then, they've written many amazing song such as 'Crystalised', 'Angels', 'Together', 'Islands', 'Heart Skipped a Beat' and 'Infinity'. The xx have released 5 albums, with many of their greatest hits in the very first simply called 'xx'.


Digital Daggers

Digital Daggers are a contemporary duo who released their first album in 2013. A few of their songs you should listen to are 'Where the Lonely Ones Roam', 'I Surrender' (both the original and piano based version), 'The Devil Within' and 'Still Here'. Digital Daggers have released 6 albums over a three year period.


Andrew Belle

Andrew Belle is an American singer who's most popular song was one called 'In my Veins' released back in 2010. A few other good ones you should listen to are 'The Daylight', 'The Enemy', 'Pieces' and 'Black Bear'. Andrew has released 5 albums with the latest called 'Black Bear' in 2015.


Trent Dabbs

Trend Dabbs is an American singer who has released great songs such as 'Follow Suit', 'I'm not Ok', 'Off We Go', 'For the Grace of You' and 'Nobody's Stranger Anymore'. He's released 10 albums, his latest one called 'Believer' which came out just last year.



Ruelle is an American electronic pop singer-songwriter. Some of her best songs are 'War of Hearts', 'Daydream' and 'Monsters'. She has released 2 albums, one of which was just last year.


Melanie Martinez

Melanie is an American singer, songwriter, music video director, and photographer. Some of her best songs are from the successful album 'Cry Baby' released in 2015, called 'Pity Party', 'Pacify Her', 'Milk and Cookies', 'Cake', 'Soap' and 'Carousel'.



And last but not least, Kiiara is an American singer and song writer, with currently just one album called 'Low Kii Savage'. Some of her best songs include 'Gold', 'Feels' and of course 'Intention'.

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Does anyone know how to skip the articals

Love these artists. Thanks for the introduction to xx

Halsey is amazing

My favs!! Halsey and the XX are queens👍🏼😊

Please read my page I need help it's the only article I need advice

I love Melanie Martinez! Crybaby is my favorite song

It's got to be Ed Sheeran, incredible

Halsey y'all ❤️❤️❤️

You should add twenty one pilots to the list

How bout Demi?

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