Seductive Songs to Listen to during Sex ...

By Holly

Seductive Songs to Listen to during Sex ...

If you need to set the mood, music is the best way to do so. That's why you should have a playlist ready for when you and your man want to get frisky. Marie Claire has some suggestions for what to put on that list, and here they are:

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1 Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj

If you want to feel empowered during sex, there's no better women to listen to than Nicki and Beyonce.

2 If by Janet Jackson

If you weren't pumped up before this song came on, you will be after.

From the empowering lyrics to the uplifting melodies, Switchfoot has a knack for creating music that speaks to the soul. Women from all walks of life should not miss to listen to these amazing Switchfoot hits that are sure to provide an inspiring soundtrack to their daily lives. Embrace your unique journey with Switchfoot's empowering tune playing in the background.

3 Love to Love You Baby by Donna Summer

You've probably heard this one before. It's an oldie, but a goodie.

4 Yummy by Gwen Stefani

Your boyfriend is in luck, because this one will make you want to move.

5 Music to Watch Boys to by Lana Del Rey

If you prefer to listen to slow, sensual songs while you kiss, this will do the trick.

6 Skin by Rihanna

She always has steamy sexual lyrics, so you know this song won't disappoint.

7 Warm Water by Banks

Here's one last song that should get you both in the mood right away.

What songs do you like to listen to during lovemaking?

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TheWeeknd has the best sexual songs .

Feel It by Llyod. It was in Magic Mike XXL. :)

Skin and Warm Water!!!! I would add The Way by Kehlani

TGT Full Album

Addicted by Saving Abel is my favorite.

If you are not into pop scene, I can recommend you Closer by Kings Of Leon or Christian Woman by Type O Negative. ;)

Silence does it or me!

And for all the rockers out there? INXS need you tonight, Alice cooper Poison, AC/DC little lover,

I can't believe Barry White or Marvin Gaye don't get a mention here !!!!!!!

@WinterRaine Poison is only good for having sex with someone you hate. 😜

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