9 Spotify Tricks That Every Music Lover Should Learn ...


Why didn't anyone tell me I was using Spotify wrong? There are so many ways I was messing up my streaming, but now that I've learned a few of these tricks, I'm a Spotify superjock.

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Flip the Switch

I *hate* it when a song is interrupted, usually at the best part, by a ding notification from my phone. So now I flip the little mute switch on the side of my iPhone, and I'm all good. No more annoying dings.


Marry Spotify to Shazam

My local coffee shop plays the BEST music, so whenever I'm there, and they play a song I love but don't know, I'll Shazam it, then copy it to Spotify. Swoon!


Keep It on the DL

Look, no one needs to know how many times you've listened to "Love Yourself," right? So hide your streaming history (forever or just once in a while) by going to the “Spotify” menu, choosing “Preferences,” then unchecking the boxes for “Share my activity and what I listen to with my followers on Spotify” and “Share my activity and what I listen to on Facebook.” Boom. Done.


Go to Radio

I love both Spotify and Pandora because their stations so often play the songs I like best. But Iove making my own, and it's easy. When you're in a playlist, tap the three dots at the top of the screen and tap "Go to Radio."


Take Control

If you're using the desktop version of Spotify, make sure you know these handy Ctrl+ shortcuts. Hold on the CONTROL key, plus these other keys, to make the following actions: N makes a new playlist, right goes to the next track, left to the previous track, down turns the volume down, up turns the volume up, and P launches your preferences.


I Want You Back!

Did you dump an old playlist, and now you want it back? No worries. launch a new browser window and head to your account page, then on the left, tap "Recover Playlists," tap the one you want, then tap "Restore." It's back!


Listen While You Uber

Did you know you can listen to Spotify through your Uber driver's sound system? Launch the Uber app, then go to your profile settings, tap "Connect Spotify," and when your driver arrives, if they're Spotify-enabled (not all are), you'll see the Spotify icon next to their name. Sweet!


Get Cleaned up (or Dirty)

If you're looking for the cleaned-up versions of your NSFW songs, you can find them by going to the album's page you DON'T want, then tapping the "1 More Release" button.


Is There an Echo in Here?

If so, you can connect your Spotify to that, too! Just launch the Alexa app, attach your Spotify, then you can play any song you like with your own sweet voice.

Do you know of any other Spotify hacks or tricks to share?

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