9 of the Best Empowering Songs for when You Need a Pick Me up ...

When you are feeling down and out of it, you need to listen to these best empowering songs to get you feeling amazing again. These songs have powerful lyrics that will remind you to stand up for yourself, embrace your flaws, and love yourself for who you are. You might be surprised at how inspired you feel after listening to them. Create a pump up playlist with these best empowering songs, and you will never feel like you need a pick me up again.

1. Roar by Katy Perry

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I am so happy this song has been all over the radio because it is one of the best empowering songs currently out there. Katy Perry perfectly puts into words the importance of standing for something and being firm in your opinions. When people try to put her down, she will come back with a “roar.” This is such an important thing to remind yourself when you need a pick me up. Don’t let people bring you down and make you feel small. And when they do, come back with your own roar.

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