9 of the Best Empowering Songs for when You Need a Pick Me up ...


9 of the Best Empowering Songs for when You Need a Pick Me up ...
9 of the Best Empowering Songs for when You Need a Pick Me up ...

When you are feeling down and out of it, you need to listen to these best empowering songs to get you feeling amazing again. These songs have powerful lyrics that will remind you to stand up for yourself, embrace your flaws, and love yourself for who you are. You might be surprised at how inspired you feel after listening to them. Create a pump up playlist with these best empowering songs, and you will never feel like you need a pick me up again.

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Roar by Katy Perry


I am so happy this song has been all over the radio because it is one of the best empowering songs currently out there. Katy Perry perfectly puts into words the importance of standing for something and being firm in your opinions. When people try to put her down, she will come back with a “roar.” This is such an important thing to remind yourself when you need a pick me up. Don’t let people bring you down and make you feel small. And when they do, come back with your own roar.


Brave by Sara Bareilles


Going along the same lines as Katy Perry, Sara Barielles inspires her listeners to stand up for what they believe in. She wants them to “say what you want to say, and let the words fall out. Honestly, I want to see you be brave.” This song shows the importance that words can have when used properly.


Stand by Rascal Flatts


For all you country fans out there, Rascal Flatts has the perfect song to empower you when you need a pick me up. It perfectly describes the way you feel when everything isn’t going your way. You feel like you can’t take it anymore, but then you get strong and you “Stand.” It is the best song to inspire you when you feel like you will never get out of your rut. Not to mention, Rascal Flatts has beautiful vocals with incredibly harmonies.


Stronger by Kelly Clarkson


When you want to feel “Stronger,” you need to listen to this empowering song by Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson’s powerful voice alone is enough to get you up and dancing, and feeling a million times better. But once you listen to the lyrics, you will get your well deserved pick me up. You will remember that things may get you down, but they will only make you stronger in the end.


Born This Way by Lady Gaga


You can’t change who you are. You are unique and beautiful and “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga is the perfect anthem to remember that. You are who you are because “God makes no mistakes.” You should never want to change a single thing aobut yourself. Embrace who you are and love yourself for it.


Marchin on by OneRepublic


No matter what hardships you are facing, OneRepublic is here to tell you to keep “Marchin On.” We all face hardships. Imagine if we all gave up instead of marching on through them. I love this song not only for how upbeat it is, but because it reminds me to put “one foot right in front of the other” and keep marching on past my trials.


Raise Your Glass by Pink


This Pink anthem is for all the dorks, losers, nerds, and weirdos. Embrace your loser status and be proud! So what if you are not in “the cool crowd” or don't have the body of a model? Love yourself for who you are and “Raise Your Glass”


Who Says by Selena Gomez


Not only is this song perfect for getting ready to go out on the town, if you listen to the lyrics, they are pretty empowering. The entire song is about not letting anyone tell you that you are not beautiful or good enough. Selena Gomez wants her listeners to know that they are a “work of art” and that you don’t have to be a beauty queen; just be yourself. The most beautiful version of yourself is the version that stays true to who you are.


Hard out Here by Lilly Allen


I have always loved Lilly Allen and her contrast between her sweet voice and fierce topics. She is at it again in her newest song “Hard Out Here.” She basically makes fun of pop culture and its emphasis on women’s bodies over their brains. She says “you should probably lose some weight, cuz’ we can’t see your bones” and “you better be rich, or real good at cooking.” Her entire song is about how men objectify women and use them for their bodies and domestic skills. She uses her chorus to talk about how she is against that view, and therefore she is a “bitch.” And it may be “Hard Out Here” for a bitch, but she would rather be objective than be told she isn’t good enough.

Songs have such a huge impact on the way we feel and think. Use that power to your advantage and listen to these empowering songs when you need a pick me up. What did you think of these empowering songs? What are some other great songs that empower listeners? Do you prefer to listen to upbeat or slow music when you need a pick me up?

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