Crank up the Volume 'Coz Singing in the Car is Good for You ...


Crank up the Volume 'Coz Singing in the Car is Good for You ...
Crank up the Volume 'Coz Singing in the Car is Good for You ...

How many times have you smiled when you see someone belting out a tune in their car? Maybe you’re already a car rocker? If you’re doing it – fabulous – don’t stop; do it more. And if you prefer a gentle hum or a quiet sing-a-long, time to crank it up girl. When you see the benefits of singing in the car, you’ll even want to drive more often!

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Forget Your Worries!

Forget Your Worries! One the best benefits of singing in the car is that it can provide some pure escapism from everything that is going on in your life that might be sad or stressful. Forgetting all your worries and belting out your favorite power ballad is absolutely one of the best forms of therapy out there, and best of all, it’s free and you can do it alone!


Boosts Mood and Productivity

Boosts Mood and Productivity Real scientific studies have been conducted that have shown that singing in your car can significantly increase your mood. The great thing about this is that not only will you feel better in yourself, but being in a better mood can also increase your rate of productivity, so not only will you be happier, but you will be in a better frame of mind to achieve more for the rest of the day!


Spread Happiness

Spread Happiness If you have experienced it then you know exactly what I am talking about, but there is nothing to make you happy quite like a group of friends or family all singing in gloriously loud (and off-key) union whilst on a road trip! There is something about singing together than can create a bond between people without having to have a specific conversation. It can fast track friendships and leave everybody feeling happy by the time the song has finished.


Singing your heart out with your nearest and dearest not only forges memories, but it's also akin to a kind of joyful therapy. It doesn't matter if you hit the right notes; what counts is the collective energy and the shared moment. Laughter often follows, especially when someone belts out a tune with comic enthusiasm. In these instances, the car becomes a sanctuary of joy, a place where worries are left behind and the sheer bliss of life and connection takes the front seat. So next time, roll down the windows, pump up the jams, and sing like nobody's watching!


It Can Be Inspiring

It Can Be Inspiring There are literally millions of different song lyrics out there that have the power to inspire, but sometimes it isn’t until you are singing them out loud for yourself that you truly begin to understand the message. Finally understanding the deeper meaning of a song can be really inspirational, and these moments often come from a spot of solo singing time in the car.


Let out Your Inner Child

Let out Your Inner Child The truth is that we have to be so restrained and mature for the majority of our adult lives that sometimes we forget how to have some fun. A great way to let out your inner child and feel some real joy again is to grab your favorite CD, grab your favorite friend and head out for a greatest hits singing road trip that is bound to bring you heaps of joy!


Channel Your Emotions

Channel Your Emotions If you have had a bad day at work or an argument with a loved one, a productive way to deal with the frustration is to let it out whilst singing along to your favorite angsty tracks. Singing along can give you a chance to get it all out without making an argument even bigger, and you will really feel the stress relieving effects.


It Can Improve Social Skills

It Can Improve Social Skills Because singing in the car with a group of people is a team effort where none of you are really that much better than the other, it can help to bring sky people out of their shell and get involved. Also, the physical seating arrangements of car mean that you are not face to face with anyone, and this can be less daunting to some and can really encourage them to blossom and have just as much fun as the most confident person in the car!

I am absolutely the person to instigate the singing on a roads trip and unashamedly scream at the top of my voice.

Do you sing in the car? What do you love to sing to?

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Nothing like singing at the time of your voice in the car. Such fun. 

I love to sing in the car more than in the shower. Fewer people to hear me!

I love to belt it out in the car. 

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