Songs 🎧 to Help You Face Depression 😞 for Girls with No Where to Turn β†ͺ️ ...

When I ℹ️ get depressed all I ℹ️ want to do is flip on πŸ”› my playlist πŸ”€ and to really sink 🚱 into the music. While I ℹ️ know that depression comes in different levels and music 🎼 doesn't always help clinical depression, it can ease the pain when you are down ⬇️ in the dumps. I ℹ️ have a playlist πŸ”€ set up πŸ‘† specifically for when I ℹ️ am down 😟 and it is my go-to. What about your girls? Same story? Well, I'm going πŸ‘£ to share my list and I ℹ️ am hoping that you girls πŸ‘­ do the same.

1. Hello πŸ‘‹ by Adele

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Oh, this song gives me all of the feels. Not only does it pull me up, but it really helps ease anything that I ℹ️ am going πŸ†™ through. When I'm down, I ℹ️ can really relate to this song.

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