Songs to Help You Face Depression for Girls with No Where to Turn ...


Songs to Help You Face Depression for Girls with No Where to Turn  ...
Songs to Help You Face Depression for Girls with No Where to Turn  ...

When I ℹ️ get depressed all I ℹ️ want to do is flip on πŸ”› my playlist πŸ”€ and to really sink 🚱 into the music. While I ℹ️ know that depression comes in different levels and music 🎼 doesn't always help clinical depression, it can ease the pain when you are down ⬇️ in the dumps. I ℹ️ have a playlist πŸ”€ set up πŸ‘† specifically for when I ℹ️ am down 😟 and it is my go-to. What about your girls? Same story? Well, I'm going πŸ‘£ to share my list and I ℹ️ am hoping that you girls πŸ‘­ do the same.

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Hello πŸ‘‹ by Adele

Oh, this song gives me all of the feels. Not only does it pull me up, but it really helps ease anything that I ℹ️ am going πŸ†™ through. When I'm down, I ℹ️ can really relate to this song.


All of Me by John Legend

This one, of course, is a love πŸ‘¬ song but … still. It picks me up πŸ‘† when I'm depressed about something. It helps me think about all of the good πŸ‘ things I ℹ️ have in the world.


Photograph πŸ“· by Ed Sheeran

This song is on πŸ”˜ every single 1️⃣ playlist πŸ”€ that I ℹ️ have. I love πŸ’œ Ed and this song really cuts through the soul. I love πŸ’• it – and it's true, loving πŸ’› can hurt πŸ˜” sometimes.


I'm a Mess by Ed Sheeran

Of course, I ℹ️ had to add βž• in another Ed Sheeran song right? This one 1️⃣ makes sense because sometimes, we're all just a mess and need to be picked up πŸ‘† a little bit.


Already Gone by Sleeping 😴 at Last

If you've never heard πŸ‘‚ of Sleeping 😴 at Last, you probably don't watch πŸ“Ί Grey's Anatomy. This is THE band 🎻 that plays a ton of songs on πŸ”˜ the show and this song, in particular, is my favorite. I ℹ️ can relate so much and it's so inspirational.


Pretty when You Cry by Lana Del Rey

What down πŸ‘‡ in the dumps song list would be complete without a little Lana?


Crash πŸ’₯ and Burn πŸ”₯ by Savage Garden

Now, I ℹ️ am digging back πŸ”™ into the early '00s for this one 1️⃣ but I love πŸ’œ it. Sometimes, you just need to know that someone is out there in case πŸ’Ό you crash πŸ’₯ and burn.


Fight πŸ‘Š Song by Rachel Platten

Let's say that you are fighting an uphill battle, Rachel wants to pump you up πŸ†™ for it.


Come Join πŸ”— the Murder by the White β›„ Buffalo

Does anyone watch ⌚ Sons of Anarchy? I ℹ️ did, all seven 7️⃣ aching seasons and this was the last song on πŸ”˜ the last episode and I ℹ️ can't get enough of it. This one 1️⃣ gets me every single 1️⃣ time.


Day ☁️ is Gone by Noah Gundersen

This is another one 1️⃣ from SOA and it is beautifully said. No 🚫 matter what you are going πŸ†™ through, this song will help you through it, just give it a chance.


Bruised by Jack's Mannequin

I've actually loved ❀️ Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate forever now and this is one 1️⃣ of my favorite down-low songs ever. Try the acoustic 🎸 version!


Take 🎬 Me to Church β›ͺ by Hozier

If you've ever watched the video of this, you'll know why it is on πŸ”› here. The words are just so powerful, one 1️⃣ of my favorites for sure.


Fix πŸ”§ You by Coldplay

Sometimes, you don't want to be fixed, sometimes you just want to be who you are.


I ℹ️ Don't Believe You by Pink

Holding a grudge against someone? Did someone lie to you? Is that what is causing you to be depressed? This is the song for you. In fact, anything Pink will help!


Love β™₯️ the Way You Lie by Eminem

Eminem is another go-to artist when I ℹ️ am down 😿 in the dumps and if I ℹ️ am depressed about my married, this is the song I ℹ️ immediately run πŸƒ to.


Not Today by Imagine Dragons

This is a newer song for me but still, I ℹ️ absolutely love πŸ’– it. The lyrics really talk πŸ’¬ to me and instantly it sends me into a better place.


Hopeless by Train

Classic, that's all I ℹ️ can say about this one, it is absolutely classic.

So, now that you have my list when I ℹ️ am depressed, what about yours? Share with me, I'm dying to add βž• some songs to my list!

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Yeah, some these songs are great. Shopping or giving my self a treat helps ,doesn't have to expensive too. Still Music works anytime

No, I think they help. Sleeping at last helps me so much. They're easygoing songs to help you work up to happiness. You can't just play a hard rock album. That'll kill you if you're already depressed. Trust me, mellow, feel good songs are the best.

All these songs will do is make someone even more depressed. Bad choices.

I think Alessia Cara's song Scars To Your Beautiful should be on here

I'm happy of Pharell Williams is also one the good songs to boost up !

Sunset lover by Petite biscuit is greaaattt

Skyscraper by Demi❀️

I personally love Flares by The Script it's the only song that makes me genially cry and it's amazing

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