9 Songs about Cheating That Capture the Emotions Perfectly ...

Listening to songs about cheating is a great way to get over an unfaithful lover, but you've got to be careful about which songs you choose to add to your playlist. For example, Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me" is supposed to be a funny song, but it will probably leave you feeling extremely angry if you caught your guy cheating and denying it. Luckily, this list only features songs about cheating that come from the wronged woman's point of view, and it covers a wide range of emotions. So whether you're hurt, angry, or not ready to let your unfaithful lover go, there's a song here that will help you deal with what you're feeling.

1. "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child

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This is one of the best songs about cheating for a gal who suspects that her lover is being untrue, and it actually reveals a great way to test these suspicions. If he's acting strange when you call him up, just make him say your name. Here are some of the lyrics: "Say my name, say my name / You actin' kinda shady, you ain't callin' me baby / Why the sudden change?" The song offers some great clues to look for when trying to catch a cheater. Is he only saying things like "Uh huh" and "Yeah, okay" when you call him up? Does he hang up without saying "I love you?" If there's a sudden change in the way that he talks to you, then he might be runnin' game.

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