7 Songs 🎢 to Listen to πŸ‘‚πŸΌ when You're Missing 😒 Someone ...

No matter how happy you are, there's always someone that you miss having in your life. Maybe it's a parent that passed away. Maybe it's a boyfriend that broke up with you. Maybe it's a friend you lost touch with. It doesn't matter who they are, because the feeling is never a pleasant one. If you need help dealing with your emotions, here are a few songs about missing a person you love:

1. Where’d You Go by Fort Minor

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It you think that rap music is always littered with curses and crude comments, this song will prove you wrong. It's all about a man who's stuck alone, wondering where the person he misses has gone. If it feels like it's been forever since you've seen the person on your mind, this song should help you cope with what you're feeling.

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