12 Dua Lipa Most Popular Songs Ever ...


12 Dua Lipa Most Popular Songs Ever ...
12 Dua Lipa Most Popular Songs Ever ...

So there I was, hairbrush in hand, belting out tunes in front of my bedroom mirror, lost in that liberating moment where the melody takes over and the world fades away. We've all been there, haven't we? Finding our own little concert where we are the stars, and the audience of one doesn't care if we don't hit the notes just right. Music has that power — to transport us, to infuse us with confidence, to turn the mundane into the cinematic. And let me tell you, few artists have managed to rack up a playlist quite like Dua Lipa. She’s the modern-day music alchemist, turning beats and lyrics into gold, concocting an anthem potion that we simply can't resist. From the unstoppable bop of 'New Rules' to the nostalgia trip of 'Love Again,' her tracks are more than just catchy; they're life-affirming anthems we didn't know we needed. Buckle up, because we're about to dive headfirst into the Dua Lipa Universe — and trust me, it's a sonic journey brimming with vibes you'll remember for a lifetime.

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New Rules (2017)

When Dua Lipa dropped 'New Rules', let's just say the world was all ears—and for good reason. The track isn't just an earworm; it's an anthem of self-reliance and feminist unity that speaks volumes. How many times have you heard a friend belt out 'I've got new rules, I count 'em'? The song's potent, no-nonsense message coupled with its catchy beat made it an instant favorite. In fact, its popularity soared not just because it was relatable; the song became a manual of sorts for anyone going through a tough breakup. Plus, let's not forget the iconic music video that promoted sisterhood in all its glory. It's no wonder 'New Rules' paved the way for future hits like Don't Start Now and IDGAF—Lipa wasn't just setting trends; she was crafting a narrative that many would follow.


IDGAF (2018)

The moment 'IDGAF' blasted through the speakers, it was clear Dua Lipa wasn't just another pop sensation; she was a force to be reckoned with. With a bold chorus and a swagger to match, the track became more than just a song – it was a battle cry for anyone who's ever needed to muster the courage to say goodbye to a toxic ex. What's truly compelling about 'IDGAF' is its unapologetic message of self-respect. It's not just another break-up song; it's an anthem that empowers you to dance out of a bad relationship with your head held high. Between its infectious beat and Dua's commanding vocals, it's no wonder the track had us all channeling our inner strength – and maybe, just maybe, it's the reason we return with anticipation to other chart-toppers like 'Don't Start Now' and 'We're Good'. After all, Dua Lipa has a knack for turning heartbreak into a dancefloor triumph.


One Kiss with Calvin Harris (2018)

When Dua Lipa teamed up with Calvin Harris, they concocted a track that sizzled through every summer party like a fresh G&T on a scorching day. 'One Kiss' isn't just a song; it’s a vibe. The kind of tune that plays in the background while you're having the time of your life, and it just sticks – indelible and crisp. Trust me, this collaboration was a strategic masterpiece, showcasing Dua's chameleon-like ability to skate across genres. Her velvety voice draped over Harris’s disco-infused beats proved she wasn't just a pop princess – she was a music industry power player. The song? A sweet escape to 90s house music with a modern twist. Simply put, 'One Kiss' had us all believing we could pull off a high-waist bikini and dance till dawn. Talk about setting the summer soundtrack!


Don't Start Now (2019)

The moment Don't Start Now hit the airwaves, it was as if the disco era had been teleported straight into the 21st century. What really made this track stand out was its uncanny ability to get people moving—fuelled by a bass line that refuses to quit and Lipa's distinctive vocal sass. It's got this infectious energy that's hard to ignore, the kind that fills up dance floors or turns your own living room into a private discotheque. And let's not forget the empowering message in the lyrics, yeah? There’s something about telling off an ex with a glittering dance track that feels both timeless and totally in-the-moment. Chart domination? Totally deserved. And if you've bounced to this beat once, chances are, you've had it on loop for days. It's connected to other anthems of independence and self-empowerment like New Rules and IDGAF, making it part of a Dua Lipa signature style that's all about strength and fun.


Physical (2020)

Let's talk 'Physical', a banger that wasn't just a song, it was a cultural reset. The track wriggles its way into your brain with a synth-drenched homage to the aerobic 80s and doesn't let go. Dua Lipa didn't just glance in the direction of the 80s; she dove into the deep end with neon leg warmers and all. It is this bold embrace of the past that cemented the song as a chart-topping anthem. Now, it's no mere coincidence that the 80s sound has found its way back into the limelight. With 'Physical,' Lipa was at the forefront of the resurging trend, mingling new-age pop with a splash of nostalgia, paving the way for more artists to jump on the retrospective bandwagon (consider her influence on later tracks like Cold Heart with Elton John). What she achieved was a smart, catchy tune that had both millennials and their parents dancing together—no small feat in today's fragmented music scene.


Break My Heart (2020)

The moment 'Break My Heart' hit the airwaves, it was clear Dua Lipa had something special on her hands. With a sample from INXS's 'Need You Tonight', the track immediately hooked listeners with its disco-infused rhythm. But it wasn't just the beat that captivated us. Lipa's lyrics explored the uncertainty of falling in love, capturing a universal feeling in a way that felt both vibrant and poignant. For me, it was the honesty in her voice paired with that irresistible groove that made this anthem a staple for both radio play and at-home dance parties. And if you thought this was a high point, wait until we talk about 'Levitating featuring DaBaby', which took Lipa’s expert blend of genres to even greater heights.


Levitating featuring DaBaby (2020)

Ah, 'Levitating' – it's that track that, without fail, made our feet tap and hearts race in a time when we needed an uplifting beat. Partnering with DaBaby was a masterstroke for Dua Lipa. His verses brought a fresh dynamic, mingling with the already addictive beat and ensuring the song was streamed incessantly across TikTok, Spotify, you name it. Like mixing the perfect cocktail, this collaboration took 'Levitating' from being just another pop song to becoming a cultural phenomenon. It's not every day that a remix actually elevates the original, but in this case, it nailed it, rocketing up the charts faster than a shooting star dialed up to eleven.


Fever with Angèle (2020)

When Dua Lipa teamed up with Angèle on Fever, it was more than just another pop song—it was a cultural handshake between British and Belgian music. With its alluring beat and bilingual lyrics, this track wasn't just a nod to Dua's musical versatility; it was a strategic masterpiece that broke language barriers and resonated across Europe. Having such a collaboration in her repertoire, Dua Lipa reaffirmed her status as an international pop sensation. And let's not shy away from how effortlessly cool it feels to belt out a chorus in French, only to switch to English like you're the protagonist in a spy thriller located in Brussels. Fever is that underrated gem that, while perhaps not as omnipresent as Levitating featuring DaBaby, still heats up any playlist it graces.


We're Good (2021)

I have to spill the tea here—when 'We're Good' dropped, it was nothing short of a surprise package from Dua Lipa. Coming off the blazing trails of Future Nostalgia, this track felt like a cool breeze, a distinct shift that had us all perking up our ears. There she was, blending pop with a splash of reggae influence, showcasing her versatility and refusal to be boxed into a single genre. It's like, with every new release, Dua rewrites her own rulebook.

And can we talk about that lobster in the music video? A lobster, folks. If that’s not an example of visuals perfectly capturing the song's theme of liberation and moving on, I don't know what is. This tune did more than just worm its way into playlists—it became a testament to Lipa's artistic range. Side note, if you thought this was a bop, wait until you dive into Love Again. If ‘We’re Good’ was the cool breeze, 'Love Again' is the storm that followed. But more on that later.


Love Again (2021)

The moment 'Love Again' cascades through your speakers, you're hit with a wave of deja vu—and for good reason. Dua Lipa wasn't just playing it safe; she took us on a time travel with a sample from White Town's '90s hit 'Your Woman.' It's a genius nod to the past that still crackles with contemporary zest. Here's the thing: not every artist can seamlessly blend eras in a way that respects musical ancestry while charting new territory. But Dua? She does it with such flair that both nostalgia junkies and the TikTok generation can't help but hit replay. Trust me, this song is a technicolour dream that reaffirms why we fell in love with pop all over again. And if 'Don't Start Now' (point_index) got you moving, 'Love Again' will make you believe in the power of pop music's timelessness and evolution.


Cold Heart with Elton John (2021)

When Dua Lipa teamed up with the living legend Elton John, something phenomenal brewed in the music pot. Cold Heart wasn't just a song; it was a clever mash-up that revamped Elton’s classics for the TikTok generation. You can't help but admire the seamless blend of past and present beats. It's like they took the essence of different eras and spun it into a modern hit. And that hook? Pure gold. While Levitating (link) made us float, Cold Heart anchored that buzz with a nostalgic embrace. It's clear why this track didn't just dominate the charts but also our hearts—it's a symphony of timeless vibes.


The collaboration was a stroke of genius, appealing to fans spanning generations. Elton John's iconic voice fused with Dua Lipa's modern vocals created an audio tapestry that resonates with anyone who has a pulse. The track not only salutes the past but strides confidently into the future, proving that true musical artistry is timeless. With Cold Heart, it's as if history's grooves got a fresh, glossy coat, making us all fall in love with classic tunes all over again, reinvented yet respectfully preserved for an era always thirsty for the next chart-topping sensation.


Prisoner with Miley Cyrus (2020)

Prisoner with Miley Cyrus (2020) zips us back to a time when the world was gripped by a collision of star power. Dua Lipa, our disco-pop queen, teams up with the rebellious spirit of Miley Cyrus, crafting an anthem that’s as much a battle cry as it is a song. It’s intoxicating, right? They’re both icons of their generation, but together, they're something else—electric. What’s more fitting than a track that blurs the lines between genres, showing off how diverse Dua’s collaborations can be? 'Prisoner' isn’t just a pop-rock powerhouse; it’s a statement that Lipa can transcend boundaries and absolutely own it. If you've been following this journey through Dua's discography, you've noticed her chameleon-like adaptability—and the link with Miley only amplifies that (We're Good, anyone?).


Hallucinate (2020)

'Hallucinate (2020)' is the distilled essence of a dance-floor banger. Imagine it: the lights are strobing, and the bass drop is so thick you could slice it with a knife. Dua Lipa isn't just singing at this point; she's crafting an auditory experience that's downright intoxicating. This track, tucked within her applauded 'Future Nostalgia' album, pulls the 80s into the 21st century. The blend of modern production with a disco-revival style makes you want to strut down the street as if it were your personal runway. And let's not overlook the visuals! The animated music video is a fantastical trip that compliments the song's lively beats. As part of Lipa's fabulous array of anthems, 'Hallucinate' stands out for its unapologetic celebration of pop. It's the song I turn up when I need to shake off reality – even if just for a few minutes. Following the success of tracks like 'Levitating featuring DaBaby', 'Hallucinate' confirms that Dua Lipa is a master at making us move.

In wrapping up, Dua Lipa is undeniably a force to reckon with in the music industry. Her chart-dominating anthems are more than just catchy tunes; they symbolize the pop culture zeitgeist and influence fans across the globe. Lipa's versatility and her ability to break out fresh, dance-inducing hits while also tapping into deep emotions is remarkable. From the empowering 'New Rules' to her hypnotic collaboration in 'One Kiss', she's crafted a musical journey that's as dynamic as it is influential. Each track we've discussed isn't just a hit; it's a cultural milestone that underscores her growth as an artist and solidifies her position in the pantheon of pop royalty. Dua Lipa’s impact, echoed through these unforgettable anthems, is a testament to her talent and staying power in the constantly evolving world of music.

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