7 Awesome Songs That'll Turn You into a Hozier Fan ...


7 Awesome Songs That'll Turn You into a Hozier Fan ...
7 Awesome Songs That'll Turn You into a Hozier Fan ...

Trust me when I tell you this, there are SO many songs that'll turn you into a Hozier fan if you aren't already. I don't know how it took me this long to discover his incredible music but I'm so glad that I did. I recently bought his self-titled album and think it's the best money I've spent on iTunes. Every song is gold. If you haven't had the time to fall in love with him yet, listen to these songs that'll turn you into a Hozier fan. You're welcome.

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'Sedated' is my current obsession from Hozier's self-titled album. Yes, my obsessions change daily and that obsession is usually targeted toward another Hozier song. LOL. I love this song because it's got some beautiful, heartfelt lyrics and the catchy melody just adds to its power. This is just one (of many) songs that'll turn you into a Hozier fan if you aren't already.


The song "Sedated" is a powerful, heartfelt piece from Hozier's self-titled album. The beautiful lyrics and catchy melody come together to create a memorable song that will make any listener a fan of Hozier's music. It's a perfect example of the type of music Hozier creates, combining elements of folk, rock, and soul. The song has been featured on several music streaming services, and it has been praised by critics for its emotionally charged lyrics and passionate delivery. It's a must-listen for anyone looking to get into Hozier's music.


Take Me to Church

When I first heard this song, it was difficult to remember just how I had lived without it. That might sound like an exaggeration, but I promise you it's not. The song is jam-packed with soulful lyrics and Hozier's voice makes you want to press the 'play' button over and over again. I love his live performances of this song but I thought I'd share the music video because it's also really powerful.


Work Song

'Work Song' is all about the power of love and how nothing can keep two people, who belong together, apart. My favorite lyric from it (and maybe of all time) is, "My baby's sweet as can be. She gives me toothaches just from kissing me!"


This song doesn't just charm you with its bluesy riffs; it also possesses a romantic gravity that is simply soul-stirring. Hozier showcases his ability to blend raw emotion with poetic lyrics seamlessly. It's one of those tracks that you can't help but sway along to, and before you know it, you're humming the tune for days on end. The Irish singer-songwriter has a knack for creating an atmosphere where the listener can feel the passion and urgency of the song's lovers, as if their story is your own.


Like Real People do

I'm pretty sure this is one of the sweetest songs I've heard. The lyrics include, "Honey, just put your sweet lips on my lips... we should just kiss like real people do." The sweet melody and lyrics definitely make it one of my favorites from his album.


Cherry Wine (live)

I honestly can't even count how many times I've watched this video. It's THAT good! Hozier's angelic voice makes it impossible to even consider listening to something else. I'm a sucker for live versions (just because I think you get a better idea of the musician as an artist) and I was so happy to know that this live version is included in Hozier's album. If you're looking for a repeat-worthy song to listen to every night before going to sleep, this is it.


From Eden

'From Eden' is another great track off of Hozier's album. The lyrics include, "Babe, there's something tragic about you; something magic about you. There's something lonesome about you; something so wholesome about you." I'm pretty sure you'll be just as obsessed with this live performance as I am!


Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene

If you keep up with Saturday Night Live, you probably watched (and swooned over) Hozier's performance last month. He's got some seriously awesome style and is pretty unbelievable when it comes to his guitar skills. I still can't get over the fact that he sounds just as good live as he does in the studio versions of his songs.

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many incredibly beautiful and powerful songs from Hozier that are sure to turn you into a fan. If you liked what you heard, make sure to buy his self-titled album on iTunes! Seriously, it's the best money you'll spend on there. Which Hozier song is YOUR favorite?

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From eden, take me to church and work song is the best songs in the world

His self titled album is the only thing I've listened to for the past month.

You love the same quote as me from the work song. I love Hozier cant get enough.

I LOVE "Take me to Church"

Take me to church is unarguably his best

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