Feel-Good Songs Guaranteed to Give Your Mood a Boost ...


Feel-Good Songs Guaranteed to Give Your Mood a Boost ...
Feel-Good Songs Guaranteed to Give Your Mood a Boost ...

Music soothes the savage beast, you know. That's why so many of us have playlists specifically dedicated to uplifting a bad mood, calming anxiety, and inspiring feel-good emotions. Since I tend to listen to very dark and depressing music, however, I had to have a conversation with my lovely, cheerful, bubbly wife, as I realize that not everyone feels better when they listen to Eminem or Placebo. Oops! Anyway, when you need a pick-me-up, consider listening to these feel-good songs so you can cheer up and feel better!

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“MMMBop” – Hanson

I think this might be one of the best feel-good songs on earth. Heather loves it. I mean, she LOVES it. I think she might even know all the words, but I don't know because the “mmmbop” parts are all I understand.


“Looking up” – SafetySuit

You know what I love about SafetySuit? That they can rip your heart out or make you smile with their music.


“We Found Love” – Rihanna

Let this song serve as a reminder that you have found love, you have love, and you give love, even if it's not the romantic variety.


“Can't Stop the Feeling” – Justin Timberlake

What is it about Justin's music? It's so infectious! Not only will this song make you feel good, but you might just want to get up and dance.


“Hey Ya!” – Outkast

This pick is all mine. Who knows how many years later and Andre 3000 still gives me so much life with this song! (FYI, “Roses” is awesome, too.)


“Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson

This jam just gets into your head and under your skin. I heard it all over TV and in the movies before I ever actually listened to it … by which time I really, really liked it.


“Cruise” – Florida Georgia Line

This is the perfect song to listen to when you take some time to yourself and go for a drive to nowhere. Roll down the windows, turn up the radio, and center yourself.


“Red Solo Cup” – Toby Keith

Heather's pick. I get it. I get how it can be a feel-good song. Sure!


“Drink in My Hand” – Eric Church

Play this while you're getting ready to go out somewhere. You won't be sorry – promise.


“Happy” – Pharrell

Well, this one goes without saying, doesn't it? No, really, song title aside, this is such a fantastic feel-good song!


“Safe and Sound” – Capital Cities

Wifey introduced me to this one, too, and I've gotta say, I'm a fan.


“Honey, I'm Good” – Andy Grammer

Ditto this one. It's pretty great, to be honest – I mean, it's made it into my rotation.


“Beautiful Day” – U2

Say what you will about U2, but this song can help make you grateful for each beautiful day you have – even if it seems perfectly ordinary.


“Run the World (Girls)” – Beyoncé

YES! Bey has several empowering, feel-good anthems you can choose, actually – or you can put all of them on your playlist!


“Skyscraper” – Demi Lovato

“Skyscraper” has a special way of making you feel good because it might make you feel a little melancholy first … but the ache is kind of beautiful.


“Don't Stop Believin'” – Journey

This song is still enjoying a moment. And I mean, it does make you feel good. Even the opening riff is unmistakable.


“Just the Way You Are” – Bruno Mars

And this? This is for the days when you need a reminder that you are amazing, just the way you are.

What songs make you feel great when you're in a bad mood?

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Uptown funk is good great post! ❤️

I really enjoyed listening to this music that I couldn't avoid dancing like what the people did in the video.

U2 is awesome

Red solo cup is good too 😊

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