10 Songs 🎧 That'll Make You Feel Pretty ☺️ as You Get Ready πŸ’„ in the Morning β˜€οΈ ...

When you get ready in the morning, you should put on some music. That way, you'll get pumped up and can start your day off on the right foot. Of course, to do that, you need some fitting songs. If you listen to these while you're getting dressed and doing your makeup, you're bound to feel beautiful:

1. Good for You by Selena Gomez

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Most girls claim that they don't dress for a man, because they only care about themselves. Of course, if you want to look good to impress your crush, there's nothing wrong with that. Selena proves that in this song about wanting to look good for her man. If you want to make him drool over you, go for it.

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