9 Prince Songs Every Millennial Should Know ...


9 Prince Songs Every Millennial Should Know ...
9 Prince Songs Every Millennial Should Know ...

He was diminutive in stature but tall in talent. Described as a stage magician, Prince was a not only an incredible musician but an amazing songwriter. As well as his own seminal songs, he penned Manic Monday (The Bangles), I feel for You (Chaka Khan) and Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinead O’Connor). The music world is poorer for his passing on April 21, 2016. Let’s pay tribute to Prince …

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When Doves Cry

This track from “Purple Rain” was different to many of his other songs because unlike most it was recorded at home without his ever-present backing band The Revolution. Loosely based on the story of his parents’ failed marriage, it is one of the few songs (and ground-breaking at the time) without a bass track. You can’t but help feel the emotion.


Erotic City

You can never dismiss prince’s B-sides. Erotic City was the flip to Let’s Go Crazy and is one of those songs where he makes sex feel like playtime. It has everything you need for a good bump and grind whether in the bedroom or on the dancefloor.


Purple Rain

The theme song to the movie of the same name was not only a massive hit around the world but also won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 1985.What is purple rain? Only prince really knew but it definitely belonged in the strange universe he inhabited and it was that universe’s anthem.


Sometimes It Snows in April

For Prince fans now on, it will always snow in April. A track from the (somewhat unfathomable movie), this heart wrenching and desolate ballad is about the death of a dear friend. Devastating.


Little Red Corvette

The first of his classics. The idea for the song came to him while he slept in the back of a bandmate’s bright pink Ford Edsel. In a signature move the song builds from mournful opening lines into climatic guitar riffs and fitting melodies.


If I Was Your Girlfriend

A somewhat odd ode to intimacy, in this tender song, Prince wonders what it would be like to be his lover’s female best friend. He’s craving to know how it feels to enjoy the bonds of sisterhood.


Sign of the Times

Addressing everything from AIDS to natural disasters, this track showed Prince's political edge. A song that asked “just what is going on in the 80s?” but also said your doubts and fears can be ignored if you just dance them away. An edifice of super-synth soul.



A planet-wide hit that became a favourite stage cover for so many artists. The lead song on the album “Parade” it is full of the things we’d come to expect from Prince including the irresistible dance grooves.



The ultimate dance party tune, it doesn’t matter what year it is when you gyrate and groove to 1999. “It was a perfect gen X dance song built on the idea that the world's about to end so, to hell with it, let's dance."


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I cant believe the genius of a musician has passes away. When doves cry is my favourite. I have been listening to it all day thanks to my older siblings loving him i also got hooked. There will be no one like him sad sad sad! RIP!!! t

I love his music growing up. There is only 1 Prince Rogers Nelson. There'll never be another. His music legacy will forever live on. RIP Prince

A good, good man. May he rest in peace.

There will NEVER be I love his music growing up. RIP Prince

It's a very sad day in music again. A genius. Thanks for sharing your vision. You'll be deeply missed. RIP💜😓

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