10 Songs Turning 20 in 2018 ...


10 Songs Turning 20 in 2018 ...
10 Songs Turning 20 in 2018 ...

There are some great songs turning 20 in 2018. Music can bring back so many fond memories, especially as a particular song gets older and older. This list of songs will truly give you flashbacks as every single one of them is twenty years old and were on the Billboard’s Top 100 in 1998. As I was only four at the time, I will never know just how much these songs impacted their audience. So please write in the comments which of these were your jam or please share what song from 1998 was your favorite if it is not listed here. Enjoy listening to these songs turning 20 in 2018 that are freakishly considered oldies now.

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I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

The song was specifically written for the movie Armageddon. Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv Tyler, was the female lead in the film. This is one of the best songs turning 20 in 2018.


...Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

This music video had such an influence on pop that it was declared the third most influential music video in pop music history. In addition, according to Billboard.com, it is number one in the best music videos of the 1990s.


Celebrity Skin by Hole

The album that contains this song was the last ever album by the band before they went their separate ways in 2002.


Gettin’ Jiggy with It by Will Smith

At the time of its release, the song was Smith’s second hit, winning a few awards. However, back in 2010, it was included in multiple lists declaring it one of the worst songs ever.


My Heart Will Go on by Celine Dion

Being the theme song to the film Titanic, the single became one of Dion’s best-selling songs when it was released to the whole world 20 years ago.


Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) by Backstreet Boys

Initially, the songs was not included in the US album, as it was the first album from the band to be released in the US, being from Canada. The song telling of the band coming back for their second international album did not make sense to be on the first US album.


Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

This song about drug use was named the 34th best song of the 1990s by VH1.


Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve

As the song took some parts from an orchestral version of a song by The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were credited with songwriting after the band was charged for plagiarism.


You’re Still the One by Shania Twain

The single became Twain’s first top ten hit on Billboard Hot 100 as it was at number 2. It stayed number 2 for at least one week.


I Want You Back by NSYNC

This was the first ever single from the boy band off their debut album. Ironically, the song was originally written for the Backstreet Boys but was given to NSYNC instead due to scheduling conflicts. Would there be a feud between NSYNC and Backstreet Boys fans if the song was given to the Backstreet Boys? Who knows.

I hope you, my readers, took a trip back to the ‘90s and please do not forget to mention any songs I left out that impacted you when it was released.

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