9 Lyrics You Should Use as Instagram Captions ...

Do you struggle to think of an Instagram caption? Well, then you're going to love this! According to Seventeen, here are a few lyrics you should use as Instagram captions:

1. "I Bet if I Give You All My Love then Nothing is Going to Fall Apart."

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Drake sings this catchy song.

2. "You're the Best Mistake I've Ever Made...💕"

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This is a quote line to quote from Ariana Grande.

3. Only 17, but She Walks the Streets so Mean. It's Alarming, Truly, How Disarming She Can Be."

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This song is by the talented Lana Del Rey.

4. "Listen Closely to the Songs I Play, Because the Lyrics Speak the Words I Fail to Say 💭"

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Ed Sheeran is the perfect person to quote when you're feeling artsy.

5. "I'm No One Special. Just Another Wide-eyed Girl Who's Desperately in Love with You."

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Taylor Swift always knows the right words to say.

6. "I'd Love to Hold You Close, Tonight and Always."

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Have you heard this new song by Zayn yet?

7. "I Knew You Were Trouble when You Walked in"

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This Taylor Swift might be old, but it's still relevant.

8. "You Think I'm Crying on My Own. Well I Ain't"

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You should recognize this song by Justin Bieber.

9. "There's a Million Reasons Why I Should Give You up. but the Heart Wants What It Wants."

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This is by the beautiful Selena Gomez.

What songs do you usually quote on your Instagram?

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