7 Subcultures Created by Musical Genres ...

There are many subcultures created by musical genres. Sometimes a genre of music is so dynamic, the fans assemble together with a similar look, ideas, and values that the fans themselves become a cultural phenomenon. Of course not everyone in a music subculture fits all of the stereotypes of the group, but for the sake of the post I must generalize each of the subcultures since I don’t have the opportunity, time, or space to interview each person in these subcultures. So if you have ever wondered what exactly is different between a hippie and a hipster or an emo and a punk, check out my list of 7 subcultures created by musical genres.

1. Punk

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One of the most well known subcultures created by musical genres is punk. The punk subculture was formed in the US and the UK in the mid 1970s. The punk subculture, is of course, centered around punk rock music. The music and the subculture are known for anti-establishment ideals and belief in independent freedoms. Aside from the distinct sound associated with punks, they are also known for their fashion. One way they buck the system is through body modification, tattoos, spikes, Mohawks, and lots of black. Hardcore punks, on the other hand, want the music to be the focus and the dress more modestly. Punks also have unique style of dancing – pogo dancing and moshing. You can find this style at most shows as well as stage diving and crowd surfing. Although many may argue that punk is dead, I beg to differ and believe punks are still one of the most important musical subcultures.

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