10 Upbeat Party 🎉 Songs 🎧 for Girls Who Love ❤️ to Dance 💃🏼 ...

Maybe you're getting ready to host a big party. Maybe you just want to turn up the music for you and your friends, so you can dance around in your bedroom together. Either way, it always helps to have a few upbeat songs on your iPod. If you're lacking in that area, here are a few party songs for ladies who love to dance:

1. Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld

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This song is not only fun to dance to, but it'll boost your self-esteem. It's all about loving yourself, just like the title suggests. After all, you don't need anybody else in order to feel whole. You can be single and still love life, because you're fine on your own. If you don't believe that, then maybe listening to this song will change your attitude.

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