8 Ultimate Best Songs for Oral Sex ...

By Kiley

8 Ultimate Best Songs for Oral Sex ...

Music isn’t just for your typical bedroom sex, there are songs that are perfect for oral sex too. Have you ever had that moment when you start making out with a guy, begin to caress his thighs, straddle him, head down south on him, but the silence (outside of your epic choking and moans) is kind of a buzz kill? Having music playing in the background for oral is pivotal for men and women. Whether you’re giving or receiving oral, below is a go-to-list of songs to better the moment!


This song is 100% perfect for that spontaneous moment your man wants to pleasure you. Do it anywhere, but a bedroom. Kitchen counter, kitchen table, hood of a car, edge of a pool ... you just can’t go wrong with this song.

The XX - CRYSTALISED is a great song for any spontaneous moment when you and your partner want to get intimate. The song's dreamy, sensual and atmospheric beats are perfect for setting the mood. The XX - CRYSTALISED is an English indie pop band from London, formed in 2005. The band consists of Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith. The band's debut album, xx, was released in 2009 and has since become a classic.

The XX - CRYSTALISED is a great choice for oral sex because of its slow tempo and sensual, dreamy beats. The song has a mellow and calming feel that will help to relax and set the mood for both partners. The XX - CRYSTALISED also has a great beat that will help to keep the rhythm going during the act. The lyrics are also quite suggestive, adding to the overall atmosphere.

2 The XX - INTRO

I’m putting The XX twice because they just are everything. If you haven't listened to them, stop reading and turn on your Spotify now. I highly recommend straddling your guy, hands behind your back, and going down. Everything about this song, and you, is just hot.


This song isn’t technically for oral, but it is amazing if you want to do a strip tease for your man to turn him on that will turn into an oral sash afterwards. Light a candle, press play, and start undressing. I’m sure he’ll make it worth your while in return.

Sabrina Claudio is a Cuban-American singer-songwriter and producer from Miami, Florida. She has released two full-length albums, "About Time" and "No Rain, No Flowers", and numerous singles and EPs. Her song "Unravel Me" is a sensual and soulful R&B track that is perfect for setting the mood for an intimate evening. The song's lyrics speak of the desire to be explored and unraveled by a lover, making it perfect for an oral sex session.

The song's slow tempo and sultry beats create a soothing atmosphere that will get you and your partner in the mood. The instrumentation is subtle and allows Sabrina's powerful vocals to take center stage. Her voice is sweet and delicate, yet strong and passionate, as she sings about her longing for a lover to unravel her.

The song's music video is also incredibly sexy and visually appealing. It shows Sabrina dancing in a dimly lit room, surrounded by candles and fog machines. She moves gracefully and seductively, her clothes slowly coming off as the song progresses. The visuals perfectly capture the song's sensual atmosphere and are sure to get you and your partner in the mood.


This song is amazing for getting down on your knees. Push your man against a wall, and work your way down towards the floor. This song just screams "blow job".


Have a long drive ahead of you? Throw on Bridges for the perfect song to get you going for Road Head.


This song was literally written about giving an epic blow job. Want to get some some female power going? Pop on Cassie and you’ll be turned on for your man just by the lyrics.


If you are feeling more of a throwback feeling, any girl who has watched Friends will understand why this song just turns us on. Set the mood for the night, and have your guy blind fold, and let him work some magic on you.


100% this song is amazing when a guy is going down on you. It gives you all the feels and you just get to sit in this heavenly euphoric music bliss.

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