12 Classic Songs for Your Holiday Playlist ...


12 Classic Songs for Your Holiday Playlist ...
12 Classic Songs for Your Holiday Playlist ...

Are you looking for the perfect songs for your holiday playlist? When in doubt, start with the classics. Here to help you is a list of twelve classic songs for your holiday playlist.

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The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole

No song gets me in the holiday mood like this one, and it’s one of the most perfect songs for your holiday playlist. This song is such a goodie that it’s been covered by a number of notable artists. But there is just something about the original! Nat King Cole’s smooth, silver voice is soothing no matter what he sings, and this song is sure to get you into the Christmas mood. Nat King Cole’s full Christmas album, The Christmas Song is one to definitely keep in your collection. The entire album is full of amazing holiday classics.


Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

Another holiday tune that has been covered by many is Eartha Kitt’s ‘Santa Baby’. This cute little song is as sweet as it is sexy, and it’s always a fun one to sing along with. You’re sure to want this song on your list of essential holiday songs. It’s a discernable classic!


All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey

The Mariah Carey Christmas album is full of classics. Most notably is ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. It’s full of all of the pop attributes you want in a good holiday tune with the amazing voice of Mariah Carey as well. This one will get stuck in your head, but you won’t be upset. It’s just getting you in the Christmas mood!


Silent Night – Boyz II Men

‘Silent Night’ is a classic holiday song from yesteryear, but this version is an amazing twist on a well-known song. Boyz II Men sing the song a capella, a style they are popular for using, and give it brand new life. The first time I heard this song – even though I was very young – I was moved to tears! I wait all year for the chance to hear this song again. It’s a must-add for your holiday playlist.


‘Let It Snow’ – Frank Sinatra

Backed up by a swingin’ quartet, Frank Sinatra croons fantastic on this classic holiday song. As the weather turns from bad to worse outside it’s nice to think of things from a more positive perspective. Yes, Frank, let it snow outside! As long as there is a fire and some toasty blankets, everything is cheery and bright. This song is essential for any holiday classics playlist.


‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ – the Jackson 5

You can’t lose with The Jackson 5. Their version of ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ is as cute as it gets. This song is amazing from the beginning with a kissing noise in the intro, all the way up to the end with Michael Jackson trying desperately to convince his older brothers that something is going on. This classic Christmas tune is given great life by the Jacksons. Add it to your playlist for sure!


‘Merry Christmas Baby’ – the Four Tops

Another classic holiday song made better with a touch of Motown is ‘Merry Christmas Baby’ by the Four Tops. If you’re hosting a get together this holiday season, this song is perfect to set off the ambiance. Let your guests mix and mingle to the sound of the grooving harmonies of the Four Tops. Don’t forget to toss this one on to your classic holiday playlist.


‘Blue Christmas’ – Elvis Presley

Does it get any more classic than Elvis? I think not! Though this song is a tad depressing, it’s so fun to sing along to. This song absolutely must be on any classic Christmas playlist. Whether you’re planning a party or need tunes to make putting up Christmas decorations more fun, this one has to be on the list.


‘Baby It’s Cold outside’ – Dean Martin

There are so many versions of this song that have become classics. Dean Martin’s version is a given for sure. Other great covers are by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, Rufus Wainwright and Sharon Van Etten, Natalie Cole and James Taylor…and those are just to start! It's the adorable struggle of a lady trying to be, well, a lady and head home from her date before it gets too late. If this song was playing as part of an equally classic holiday playlist, it would be hard to leave!


‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ – Bing Crosby

Like ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside,’ many artists have also covered this song. The Bing Crosby version, however, is probably the most classic choice. ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ really hits home for people who need to be away from their families during the holidays. It’s a classic reminder that there are so many out there missing each other during what’s called the happiest time of year. Whether you’re with family and missing someone who couldn’t join the fun or you’re on your own this holiday season, this one definitely should be added to your playlist.


‘White Christmas’ – Bing Crosby

It may be cheating to list Bing Crosby twice, but I hope you won’t fault me for it. The movie ‘White Christmas’ is a classic holiday film, and its coordinating title song is no different! Pop this film on and curl up with a nice mug of cocoa to enjoy it. Then fondly remember it when this song pops up on your classic holiday playlist. It’s a classic win-win!


‘Jingle Bell Rock’ – Bobby Helms

Oh yeah! This is the ultimate classic holiday party jam! This song has obviously been around for a while – hey, that’s what makes it a classic! – but it probably soared in popularity following the first ‘Home Alone’ movie. Remember those manikins dancing in Kevin’s living room? Well, if you have this song on your holiday playlist your friends will be dancing all night long, too!

Now you're ready with a soundtrack for every festive holiday event you may have, from decorating the tree to an ugly Christmas sweater party. You’ll be more than ready with a playlist including these classic holiday songs. What classic tunes do you add to your holiday playlist?

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