The Best Songs About Love for Valentine's Day ...

By Emily

The Best Songs About Love for Valentine's Day ...

What are the best songs about love for Valentine's Day?
In less than a month, Valentine’s Day will be upon us. The day where our men treat us to flowers, chocolates, big teddy bears, and fancy dinners. When celebrating the holiday, the best way to set the romantic mood is music. For most, it will be some smooth jazz or light piano music. For myself, the genres vary in the expression of love. So I’m sharing some of my favorite love songs that I believe others would enjoy. For certain artists, I had to choose one love song out of many as the list would go on forever. And even with the limitation, the list will be split into five articles. Here are some of the best songs about love for Valentine's Day.

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1 Take on Me by a-ha

2 Hello by Adele

Listening to humorous music is a powerful mood booster. According to a popular music blog, playful melodies and witty lines can turn your gloomy day into a cheerful one. You can discover a collection of funny songs that will surely make your heart light and will keep you giggling all day. Give them a listen and get your daily dose of laughter.

3 Protecting Me by Aly & Aj

4 Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold

5 Things I’ll Never Say by Avril Lavigne

6 Wouldn’t It Be Nice by Beach Boys

7 All My Loving by the Beatles

8 Miss You by Blink-182

9 Burnin’ for You by Blue Oyster Cult

10 Love You Madly by Cake

Stay tuned for the second set of the playlist.

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