Which Moana Song Best Describes You According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


Which Moana Song Best Describes You According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
Which Moana Song Best Describes You According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Moana is a musical Walt Disney movie that came out in 2016. The movie tells the story of Moana who goes on a sailing adventure to save her tribe. The movie was a huge success and was even nominated for two academy awards. The movie has an excellent soundtrack with some of the most inspiring songs. If you want to know which song from the movie best describes you according to your zodiac sign, keep reading.

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Aquarius - Where You Are

This song is so perfect for an Aquarius. It plays, when Moana is just a little girl and her father, is showing her around the village explaining how important the village is to them and that they should never leave but all she can think about is escaping to the sea! Aquarius literally has the word 'aqua' in it. They are known as the water bearers and mystery healers who bring life upon the land.


Leo - You're Welcome

This song sung by none other than Dwayne Johnson who plays a demi-god in the movie, is all about well, him. It's a song about how important he is and the things he has done for people. He has helped many people and doesn't shy away from boasting about it. He is the one that makes everything happen which very well represents Leos sine they love celebrating themselves. They love the spotlight and embrace their royal status.


Aries - Tulou Tagaloa

Tulou Tagaloa means 'pardon us' in Samoan and the song basically means, 'look at how beautiful our world is.' This is the opening song in the movie. The song plays in the background and sets the scene for the movie which appropriately represents Aries as they love to be number one and are also the first signs of the zodiac! It's a bold song just like the Aries; bold and ambitious.


Scorpio - Know Who You Are

This song plays in the background when Moana walks fearlessly towards Te Fiti, the island goddess. This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Moana wants to do the right thing in this scene. Just like a Scorpio who wants to make a difference in this world and will always do the right thing no matter the consequences. They don't like to just sit around when they see injustice, they speak up and do the right thing. They trust their gut feeling and follow it positively.


Pisces - an Innocent Warrior

The song plays in the background when Moana is trying to help a turtle get back to the sea. This perfectly represents the kind-hearted nature of a Pisces. Pisces will always do whatever they can to help anyone and they love animals!


Cancer - I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)

Cancerians are gentle beings. They have genuine compassion and are highly intuitive and can effortlessly pick up the energies in a room which is represented in this song where Moana is visited by Gramma Tala's spirit who encourages her to see what's in her heart. She finally finds her purpose and set sails to her destination, determined and brave.


Gemini - How Far I'll Go

Geminis love a good adventure! They are always chasing adventures of all kinds, both geographical and spiritual. This song is for the Geminis when Moana decides to finally take the boat out and go on an adventure. She gives in to the pull of the ocean despite her father's wishes. Geminis are always down to try something new, they are fearless thinkers, resilient and love being creative which is why this song fits them perfectly.


Sagittarius - WE KNOW the WAY

This song plays when Moana discovers the ships her ancestors used to sail to her island. The song tells the story of how her ancestors found the island. It is about exploring and Sagittarians are known to be born 'explorers'. Exploring involves taking risks which is also a big trait found in Sagittarians. They don't wait for an opportunity, they go out and find them.


Taurus - Shiny

Taurans are the shiny ones! They are known to be vain but for good reason, they are beautiful creatures. The song represents Taurans because it is sung by Tamatoa who flaunts his shiny shell and his beautiful qualities. Hey if you got it, flaunt it, right Taurans?


Virgo - Logo Te Pate

Virgos are perfectionists at heart and work on their kills night and day to be perfect in whatever they do just like Moana did in this song where Maui trains her how to become a master Wayfinder and she works hard to improve her skills.



The song plays when Gramma Tala is on her death bed and her dying wish is that Moana sets out to find Maui. Libras are very close to their loved ones and will do anything in their power to help them.


Capricorn - WE KNOW the WAY (FINAL)

The last song in the movie plays when Moana leads her tribe to find a new home which perfectly describes a Capricorn, with their can-do attitude and the fact that they make amazing leaders. Capricorns are very skilled at navigating and are very focused beings. They don't let anything distract them once they have set a goal.

Which songs best describes you? Comment down below.

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