The Best Christina Aguilera Songs Ever ...


The Best Christina Aguilera Songs Ever ...
The Best Christina Aguilera Songs Ever ...

Want to know the best Christina Aguilera singles? Christina Aguilera is the voice of a generation, the experimental chanteuse, and one of the most defining pop stars of all time. Her sixth studio album, Liberation, will be released soon and to celebrate the long-awaited album I am revisiting her previous musical efforts. If you aren’t aware of her music or iconic moments in pop music then I encourage you to listen to the tracks listed below. I will briefly highlight list a couple the best Christina Aguilera singles from her studio albums and I hope that these are some of your current or future favorites too.

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Genie in a Bottle

This has to be one of the best Christina Aguilera singles ever. All of the singles released from her first album are brilliant but I went for the most obvious choice from Christina’s debut album. This song is one of the most memorable debut singles of all time so I gave it a slight edge over the others. When the song was released in 1999, it was everywhere on the radio, and the music video aired nonstop on MTV’s TRL. If you haven’t given her discography a try and you love pop music then please stream her debut album. It’s pop perfection and Genie in a Bottle is just a taste of the greatness to come on that record.


Can’t Hold Us down

Stripped was released three years after Christina’s debut and is still her most controversial work to date. It was during this era that we witnessed a vocally unmatched teen pop star evolve into an uninhibited and liberated pop legend. Once again the choice of singles is excellent but I give the slight edge to Can’t Hold Us Down which features Lil’ Kim. Stripped is full of equally powerful songs but Can’t Hold Us Down serves as the ultimate feminist anthem and condemns gender stereotypes.



I find that the Back to Basics album gets a little ignored because it lacks the shocking imagery of its predecessor Stripped but a quality double disc album is a fan’s dream. The most underrated single from this album and her discography is definitely Candyman. Candyman is an upbeat and enchanting track with a stunning World War II-themed music video. I think that this song is Christina Aguilera at her best.


You Lost Me

This is the easiest decision so far because Bionic is a great pop album some might say that it was ahead of its time but the single choices were lackluster. The track is an incredibly haunting, poignant, and revealing depiction of a relationship that ends due to betrayal. You Lost Me stands out on Bionic and is one of her career-defining ballads.

I urge anyone who has not listened to a Christina album in full to do so now and check out Liberation when it comes out on Friday.

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