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13 Funny Songs with Humorous Lyrics That Will Make You Laugh ...

By Holly

We’ve all heard of comedic singers like Weird Al, but there are some equally funny songs by serious artists. Everyone needs to laugh once in a while and these musicians show that they don’t always have to be serious to be successful. From country to rap, these funny songs are sure to entertain you. So enjoy the music and don’t forget to pay attention to the lyrics.

1 High School Never Ends by Bowling for Soup

The majority of Bowling for Soup’s songs contain funny lyrics. High School Never Ends speaks about how similar adults are to teenagers. It’s relatable and jokes about the problems that people of any age face. It even compares celebrities to stereotypical high school cliques. Out of all the funny songs I know, this one is my favorite!

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2 Things That Never Cross a Man’s Mind by Kellie Pickler

Kellie manages to make fun of both genders in her song about the minds of men. She brings up topics that girls tend to think about, but guys never do. She jokes about cuddling, marriage, and periods. She even mentions a celebrity or two. If you’ve ever seen Kellie in an interview, you already know how silly she can be. This song brings out her bubbly personality.

3 Threw It on the Ground by Lonely Island
Threw it on the Ground is an over-the-top funny song that's perfect for when you want a good laugh! Make sure you watch the music video; it completes this otherwise senseless song. The song is literally all about throwing various objects on the floor, in an intense rock style.

4 Psycho Girlfriend by Jessie James

Jessie James takes on the role of a crazy girlfriend in this humorous song. She sings about treating her boyfriend like a toy in order to entertain herself. She mentions skipping her pill and starting fights with him just for fun. Her lyrics sum up everything you shouldn’t do in a relationship. If you like the theme of this song, also check out Follow You Wherever You Go by Ashlee Simpson and Stephen by Ke$ha.

5 After Ever after by Jon Cozart (Paint)
Jon Cozart is an internet craze at the moment! His musical talent, creativity, and humor in this song make it one of my favorites. Although it's quite irreverent, his cynical take on several Disney princesses is bound to squeeze a few laughs out of you.

6 My Christmas List by Simple Plan

This is a song I listen to every Christmas, but it doesn’t have to be the holiday season to enjoy it. The lead singer, Pierre Bouvier, lists all of the gifts he wants. Everyone can relate to his desires like a shopping spree in NYC and a trip to Hawaii. The song keeps me smiling and even has a catchy tune. Give it a listen!

7 I Spent My Last Ten Dollars (on Birth Control and Beer) by 2 Nice Girls
2 Nice Girls are great at composing witty, clever song lyrics that you're bound to love! This song mockingly describes a lesbian falling in love with a "strong hairy man". Once she has, she spends all of her money on birth control and beer. It's impossible not to love this catchy, folk-like tune.

8 One Week by Barenaked Ladies

This song speaks about a couple who gets into an argument. Although the chorus tells the story of the singer’s relationship, the rest of the lyrics are completely random. It’s filled with meaningless references to singers, shows, and actors. If you like fast-paced songs that aim to entertain, give One Week a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

9 A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash is a household name today for a good reason! He sang incredible, timeless songs, and had a funny bone, too! We see that in this song, describing an angry boy named Sue and his search for vengeance.

10 Just Lose It by Eminem

Eminem has a few funny songs, but Just Lose It is my favorite. If you’re not a fan of raunchy humor or sexual jokes, skip this one. But if you like rap, this song is a gem. For an added bonus, check out the music video. Eminem dresses up as different characters and adds even more humor to his already comical lyrics.

11 What’s My Age Again? by Blink-182

Blink-182 shows their silly side in this catchy song. The lyrics speak about how much fun acting childish can be. It mentions the joys of prank phone calls and short attention spans. So give it a try! If you don’t take life too seriously, this is the song for you.

12 Blank Space by Taylor Swift
This song appears on Taylor Swift's newest album, 1989. If you haven't already heard it on the radio five times a day, you've probably heard it playing in grocery stores or at the mall. This song is everywhere! Why? Because its sassy, hilarious lyrics get stuck in your head with an image of America's sweetheart fighting back at all the negative reputations she has. The song basically mocks her public identity as someone who lures in men just to break their hearts in a funny, sarcastic tone.

13 How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds
Listening to this song by Marina and the Diamonds always makes me smile! It's not only catchy and clever, but also funny and witty! Make sure you watch the music video, which is the perfect complement to this "how to" song for all of you heartbreakers out there!

Once you listen to these songs, tell me what you think! Do you like any of them? Are there any other songs that make you smile?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Sabrina Yates.

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