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I'm here to share with you my ranking of Britney Spears' Albums. I was listening to Glory by Britney Spears this past weekend and thought about ranking her albums. You are familiar with Britney Spears right? The pop legend with a massively successful Vegas residency, two back to back diamond albums, and several iconic music videos. Without further ado, here is my ranking of Britney Spears' Albums.

1. In the Zone

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This is her fourth album and honestly, the album is a sensual and chill masterpiece. It has a nearly perfect tracklist with upbeat collaborations featuring Madonna and the Ying Yang Twins, intoxicating mid tempos, and heartbreaking ballads with the right amount of self-awareness and emotion. The most notable tracks are Breathe on Me, Touch of my Hand, Everytime, Shadow, and the Grammy award-winning track, Toxic. Everything about In the Zone era is pop perfection from the intense choreography to the intimate lyrics. The best thing about the album is the timeless nature of the sound and Iā€™m sure you heard many poor imitations on the radio from 2014 to 2016.

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