7 Songs for when You Want to Wallow in a Breakup ...


7 Songs for when You Want to Wallow in a Breakup ...
7 Songs for when You Want to Wallow in a Breakup ...

You shouldn't typically listen to sad songs when you're upset, because it'll only make the tears fall faster. However, after a breakup, it's healthy to wallow in your pain for a little while before you move on. In order to do that, here are a few songs that you should sit in your room and listen to alone:

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Stone Cold by Demi Lovato

Did your boyfriend leave you for another girl? Or maybe he broke up with you for a different reason, but he's already in another relationship while you're still trying to get over him. Either way, you'll be able to relate to this touching song by Demi. It's about her trying to be happy for her ex, even though it's painful for her to see him with another woman.


Girl Crush by Little Big Town

If your jealousy is driving you crazy, then you'll enjoy this sad song. It's about a woman who's jealous of another woman, because she gets to date the man that she's in love with. She wishes she had the woman's hair, perfume, and life.


Hello by Adele

You've probably heard this song already, because it's by the beautiful Adele. If you haven't, it's about a woman who is trying to get in touch with her ex. She still loves him and misses him, but since he won't answer the phone, she assumes that he has already moved on.


White Horse by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a song for every occasion. This one is about a couple who loves each other, but can no longer be together. It doesn't matter how much you love him, because if he's treating you poorly, you should leave him. It's better to be alone than to be in an unhealthy relationship.


I Care by Beyonce

This song is about a woman who has been hurt by her man. Even though she cares deeply about him, he clearly doesn't care about her. Of course, that doesn't matter, because she can't change the way she feels about him. Even though this song is sad, it should give you hope. After all, if a woman like Beyonce has gotten hurt by a man, you shouldn't feel embarrassed about getting hurt yourself. It happens to everyone.


How Am I Supposed to Live without You? by Michael Bolton

If you feel like it'll be impossible to live life without your boyfriend, this is the perfect song for you to cry to. Of course, as soon as it ends, you have to remember that it's possible to get by without your ex. You can be just as happy without him as you were with him.


T-Shirt by Shonetelle

This song is about a woman who's sitting around in her ex's T-shirt. She misses him dearly, and isn't really sure how she's going to put on a fake smile to have fun with her friends. Even though she knows it's healthier for her to dress up and be social, she'd rather curl up in bed with her man's t-shirt on.

These songs aren't going to make you feel any better. If anything, they're going to make you feel worse. Of course, it's easier to move on from your pain after fully experiencing it. What's your favorite song to listen to after a rough breakup?

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The line about Adelles song is not actually correct. It's not about an ex.

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