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8 Captivating Songs from the Mahogany Sessions to Listen to ...

By Anais

Various artists perform their music on the Mahogany Sessions and it has a personable and captivating feel. The songs from the Mahogany Sessions are sung with an acoustic flair and the videos are simple and effective. It truly is all about the music.

Here are some of my personal favourite songs from the Mahogany Sessions, from established singers to up and coming artists. Relax and enjoy the music.

1 Kenzie May - All I Really Need

2 Mahalia - Marry Me

3 Amber Run - I Found Ft. London Contemporary Voices

4 Jack Savoretti - Written in Scars

5 Kodaline - Big Bad World

6 Birdy - Words as Weapons

7 Gabrielle Aplin - Stay

8 Hozier - from Eden

Check out The Mahogany Blog for more info.

Have you heard of the Mahogany sessions? What are your favourite tracks from them?

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