7 Lovely 😊 Songs to Share with Your Man 💑 on a Late Night 🌜 Drive 🚗 ...

We all want a boyfriend who will pick us up in the middle of the night and drive us around while blasting music into the quiet streets. If you're lucky enough to have a man like that, or at least friends like that, then you need to choose the right soundtrack. It'll make the experience more fun than ever before. Here are a few songs to listen to during midnight drives with your man:

1. Perfect by One Direction

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You're either a self-proclaimed super fan of One Direction or you're a liar. I mean, how could you resist a group of British boys who sing songs we can all relate to? This song in particular literally talks about "midnight driving with the windows down" and "going places we can't even pronounce." Now, doesn't that sound romantic?

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