11 Jaw Dropping Covers by Birdy That Are Truly Humbling ...


11 Jaw Dropping Covers by Birdy That Are Truly Humbling ...
11 Jaw Dropping Covers by Birdy That Are Truly Humbling ...

British singer Birdy has one of the most flawless voices in the music industry today, a feat which certainly seems to have come extremely easy to her; these covers by Birdy are even more phenomenal when taking her young age into consideration. As the champion of the Open Mic UK singing competition, Jasmine van den Bogaerde has come a long way. I don't think that I've ever heard a more melodic voice than that of this brilliant singer. On the heels of the release of her highly anticipated album of original tunes, here are a few covers by Birdy that warrant a listen.

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Skinny Love

Starting off this list of amazing covers by Birdy is the song that aided in catapulting her into fame. This impressive cover of an already brilliant song by Bon Iver shows that she more than deserves the attention she has gotten from mainstream audiences. In fact, it is such a great tune that the popular TV show "Vampire Diaries" featured the song in one of their key episodes.


Young Blood

This next song is one of my favorites by The Naked and Famous. I was excited when I heard about Birdy's rendition. As I listened to it for the first time, I couldn't help but think that she did the song justice. Also covered by Jessie J, I still have a hard time choosing which version is my favorite as I love them both for very different reasons. It was also featured in an episode of "Grey's Anatomy."



I can't get over how awesome she sounds during the chorus of this highly infectious song. At such a young age, her soulful and melodious voice is unrivaled! The original will always have a place in my heart as it was influenced by Paris (the lovely 'City of Lights') during the early days of the 20th century and the changes that have occurred since then.


Birdy's interpretation of "1901" brims with a raw, yet polished maturity beyond her years. The way she breathes new life into the melody is simply captivating, leaving listeners hanging on every note she sings. Her rendition pays homage to the original's vintage charm while also embedding her unique, contemporary twist. It's as if she's guiding us on a nostalgic journey through time with her vocal prowess, providing an experience that resonates with the soul. Birdy truly transforms the track into something undeniably her own – a mark of a true artist.


The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Originally recorded by The Postal Service, this gem is my favorite cover by Birdy. The melancholy in her voice showcases her raw talent; I am confident that her vocal range will floor you. Constantly on replay in my house, this tune makes me both miss The Postal Service and excited to see what her new album has in store.



I really like the musical arrangements in Birdy's version of "Shelter." Her take on this classic number is astonishing; her voice never fails to give me goosebumps. I have been contemplating choreographing a dance to this wonderful piece because of how inspiring it truly is.


The a Team

How could you not admire her for covering the amazing Ed Sheeran's "The A-Team"? I find it fascinating that she was able to effortlessly add a fresh element to this hit. I would love to witness the magic happening in a duet between her and Mr. Ed Sheeran.


People Help the People

The layers of her compelling voice shine in this next cover. Take one listen and you are sure to agree that this number is before its time. With its addictive melody and beautifully sung chorus, it is no wonder that her version is critically appraised.


Birdy's interpretation of People Help the People, originally performed by Cherry Ghost, is a stellar testament to her ability to convey deep emotion through her vocals. Listeners can feel the rawness and sincerity as she takes this indie-rock tune and transforms it into a hauntingly beautiful piece. The song's message of compassion and solidarity resonates even more through Birdy's delicate arrangement. Her cover has garnered admiration not only from fans but from music critics who have praised her unique take on the touching lyrics and her capacity to create a powerful, immersive experience.


Terrible Love

Birdy expertly sings The National's "Terrible Love." Her voice adds a daunting yet soothing aspect to the already deep lyrics of this song. The low register of her voice in this version really complements the overall feeling of the song.


I'll Never Forget You

The vulnerability shone here will move you. I always find myself feeling humbled in the feat of her vocal ability. One thing is certain: It isn't difficult to fall in love with her soulful crooning. After listening to "I'll Never Forget You," you will not regret giving her a chance!


White Winter Hymnal

I will never tire of hearing the conviction behind her voice as she belts this marvelous song by Fleet Foxes. The diverse range that her voice seems to cover is astounding; the utter ingenuity behind her and her production team's thinking process, as well as the intricacy involved, is mind blowing.



Lastly, there is no better way to end this list than with an original song by the guest of honor. "Wings" is Birdy's first official song off of her new album "Fire Within"; I truly think that this is one of the most heartfelt songs to be released this year as well as in the past decade.

With incredible talent like this, it won't be long before Ms. Jasmine van den Bogaerde becomes a household name. I applaud her for being able to contribute her distinct talent to the music industry. What are some of your favorite covers by Birdy?

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Learn Me Right is my absolute favorite, though I live Skinny Love as well :) "White Winter Hymnal" is such an amazing song!!!! Pentatonix's cover of it was brilliant!

Fire and Rain is my fave

My favorite was her cover of Skinny Love originally by Bon Iver :)

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