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7 Songs That Will Bring Back Memories ...

By Teresa

Some songs just bring back memories. Of course, most people have specific songs that remind them of certain memories. Even still, though, there are songs that will take you back to certain moments just with lyrics that bring back nostalgia. If you’re looking for some songs that will remind you of the old days, look no further than this list!

1 Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter

This song is all about nostalgia. It’s about that romance you had as a teenager that got left behind, and now that you’re an adult, you’re wondering if you actually miss the relationship or just being a young and naïve teenager. I think we’ve all had those moments, so if you’ve ever felt like that, you’ll definitely relate to this song!

2 Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen

No matter when your glory days were, we all have those times that we like to reminisce on. Whether you’re living your glory days right now or you’re just reminiscing on the days that you miss so much, this song is sure to make you feel all of the feelings!


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3 Never Grow up by Taylor Swift

This song is, put simply, about growing up. When you’re growing up, you don’t even realize how much is changing, until you reach an age when suddenly everything is different and you don’t know how or when that happened. If you’re currently dealing with that and looking back on all of those moments you had growing up, this song is sure to bring back memories!

4 Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift

We all have that one song that takes us back in time instantly to a past relationship. That’s what this song is about. For one of Taylor Swift’s early relationships, her song with a former flame was a Tim McGraw. When she heard Tim McGraw, she thought of that relationship. No matter what that song is for you, hearing this song will give you all of the nostalgia!

5 The One That Got Away by Katy Perry

Doesn’t everyone have the one that got away? If you’re currently feeling nostalgic over your one that got away, listen to this song for a little bit. Let yourself wallow in it, remember the memories, and then pick yourself up and keep moving on with your life!

6 With a Little Help from My Friends by Joe Cocker

Whether you see your friends often or you haven’t seen them in a while, this song is sure to make you emotional and make you think of all of your memories with them. We all need our friends to help us get by, and this song will remind you of that more than anything!

7 Thank God for the Summertime by Ben Rector

There’s something so wonderful and carefree about the summertime. It’s easygoing and carefree, and the weather is always nice. It always exists in our memories as some of the most perfect times of the year. If it’s currently not summer for you and you’re missing it intensely, listen to this song to bring back memories of your favorite time of the year, summer!

What is your favorite song to bring back memories? Let me know what songs make you emotional or nostalgic in the comments!

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