News Flash the Mean Girls Musical Trailer is Here ...


News Flash the Mean Girls Musical Trailer is Here ...
News Flash the Mean Girls Musical Trailer is Here ...

It's here! One of the most eagerly anticipated events of year.The trailer for Mean Girls the Musical has landed.

For many women, the Mean Girls movie defined their High School experience. The Plastics brought the cliques of high school to life and whether you were in a clique or a victim, it all resonates so much. Mean Girls is a cult movie every woman should know intimately.

When it was announced that Tina Fey was working on a musical version of Mean Girls, reaction was mixed. Could such an iconic movie be set to music? After all, the follow up, Mean Girls 2, has never reached the dizzying heights of the original. But many other movies have transferred to musical theater very successfully and with Fey doing the writing, Fey’s husband taking care of the music and Neil Benjamin producing the lyrics, surely Mean Girls the Musical is in good hands.

Well if the trailer is anything to go by …

The much beloved Plastics remain as plastic as ever with Ashley Park playing Gretchen, Kate Rockwell as Karen and Taylor Louderman as Regina. The setting of North Shore High School has however, been updated to reflect modern times, with β€˜so fetch’ flying around on Snapchat and more #ootd on Instagram than you might imagine is good for anyone. Expect plenty of Millennialisms!

Mean Girls the Musical opens for its pre-Broadway run in Washington DC on October 31st before moving to New York in March 2018.

Get your tickets quickly because β€œyou can’t sit with us”.

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