Halloween Love Songs ...


Halloween Love Songs ...
Halloween Love Songs ...

When it comes to Halloween, love might not be the first thing on your mind – but there actually are a lot of songs that are perfect for this time of year that happen to be about the subject. These songs combine a haunting element with lyrics about love. Make sure to add them to your Halloween playlist!

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I Put a Spell on You by Screamin Jay Hawkins

This song by Screamin Jay Hawkins just screams Halloween! There’s nothing like a spell to get someone to fall for you.


Howlin’ for You by the Black Keys

Nothing reminds us more of what a werewolf in love might say than this song by the Black Keys. The catchy bluesy tune makes it a must listen.


E.T. by Katy Perry

If a song talks about different worlds, dimensions, and extraterrestrials, it is sure to make the list of Halloween love songs. For anyone who’s experienced an “out of this world” romance.


Disturbia by Rihanna

Ri-ri presents a song with a particularly spooky music video to accompany it. It plays off the good girl/bad girl vibes and is very catchy.


I'm Your Boogie Man by KC & the Sunshine Band

70’s disco brings us a funky love song fit for Halloween. I mean, if someone wants to be your Boogie man, what else do you need?


Little Ghost by the White Stripes

Check out this cute folksy tune by The White Stripes for the little ghost in your life. With lines like “scare me up a little bit of love” it’s made for Halloween.


Skeleton Song by Kate Nash

This love note to a skeleton is fun, upbeat, and quirky, just like Kate Nash herself. Less creepy, more bubbly, and a fun listen for the season.


Love Song for a Vampire by Annie Lennox

Lennox sings a haunting melody with distinct imagery, much of it featuring red, the all too familiar color of blood that vampires know and love.


Witchy Woman by the Eagles

The eagles croon about their love for a woman with raven hair and ruby lips, flying high in the sky. Anything about witches is a shoe in for our Halloween playlist.


She Wolf by Shakira

Shakira really speaks to all of our inner wolves by belting out this catchy song, complete with howling.


My Body’s a Zombie for You by Dead Man’s Bones

Even the name of the band fits Halloween. What is more romantic than being told someone is a zombie for you? This is the ultimate sign of love.


Castin My Spell by Johnny Otis

This song details what is going into the pot to make a lover’s spell. From goose eggs to frog legs, all add up to a perfect Halloween jam.


What’s a Girl to do by Bat for Lashes

The instrumentation and beat in this song can only be described as creepy and haunting. It’s dream like melody makes it a great addition to the list.


Monster by Lady Gaga

We can’t leave out Lady Gaga – I mean, her fanbase is called little monsters! “He ate my heart,” she sings, and many of us can relate to the feeling from past relationships.


Black Magic Woman by Fleetwood Mac

This song is a classic in all realms, but it’s title and lyrics fit Halloween to a t. “She’s a black magic woman trying to make a devil out of me” – spells and love abound in this tune.


Howl by Florence and the Machine

More howling, more images of werewolves pop into our heads as we hear this beautifully haunting song by Florence and the machine.


Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra

Sinatra croons about a spell binding love in this classic song. The only explanation for this love must be witchcraft, or so he says.


Lil’ Devil by the Cult

We had to have some rock n’ roll on the list, and what better way to sum up Halloween than the cult singing, “Come on little devil, be my little angel.”

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