Music Videos That Will Inspire You to do Chores like a Champ ...


Music Videos That Will Inspire You to do Chores like a Champ ...
Music Videos That Will Inspire You to do Chores like a Champ ...

I’m pretty sure that A-list music stars don’t do their own housework and laundry but it’s nice to think they might actually do things in the real world. Maybe when they do chores and stuff in their videos they are actually remembering the days when they didn’t have people to everything for them. Maybe not! But anyway, maybe you’ll be inspired to get your own chores done when you do them along to these videos.

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I Want to Break Free by Queen

When thinking about music stars who do housework, the first image that comes to many people’s minds is the iconic image of Freddie Mercury, dressed up the nines, casually but brilliantly vacuuming the floor of the fictional house in the legendary video for I Want to Break Free. Not many 80s rock stars could have got away with such an outlandish look, but for Freddie, it was just another day at the office!


Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Though the video is more likely remembered for the legendary rock out session that the band performed in the high school gymnasium, Smells Like Teen Spirit also included a caretaker mopping away while Kurt did his thing. After all, there has to be somebody keeping order while the band went wild!


All Woman by Lisa Stansfield

Lisa Stansfield has a lot to say in this song about a woman whose husband doesn’t treat her well. In the video she lurks in the background of a fictional scene, giving moral support to a woman who is doing all of the housework while her husband lazes about and provides no help whatsoever.


Common People by Pulp

We’re out of the home and in to the supermarket here for another household chore, the weekly shop! Pulp take a swipe at the class divide in this song, all envisioned for the audience in the form of a classic chore. If only our shopping trips were as exciting as this one!


You by S Club 7

In this bit of perfect cheesy pop, S Club 7 show us a futuristic style of household chore as Rachel Stevens plays a housewife who uses lots of futuristic technology and gadgets to keep her house and kitchen nice and clean!


Why Don’t You Love Me by Beyoncé?

Queen Bey is one of the strong women that we all love to look up to in the celeb world, and though this video looks very much like a satirical look at the female oppression and gender roles, the singer has also stated that there was an element of truth in it, of how she likes to live when she is away from the limelight.


Babyfather by Sade

The 80s queen of soul performs some traditional household chores in the video to this song that is a celebration of fatherhood. It also examines a time when motherhood was inextricably linked to the upkeep of a home, with the wife/mother performing all of the chores.


Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor

This unavoidably catchy pop tune from Meghan Trainor features a lot of household chores being performed, and though the lyrics might be deemed as being a little bit problematic with regards to gender roles, it’s obvious that it is all very tongue in cheek!


Ain’t Your Mama by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is still sizzling hot in 2016, perhaps even more so than 20 years ago! One of her latest music videos features a heavy dose of irony as it includes lots of chore completing whilst the lyrics preach about women not having to clean up after their men anymore.

I’d love to hear of more music videos where stars do mundane chores. Please share any you know.

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Nothing, but nothing on earth, inspires me to do chores.

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