7 Sexy Songs about Liking Bad Boys ...


7 Sexy Songs about Liking Bad Boys ...
7 Sexy Songs about Liking Bad Boys ...

Each and every one of us has fallen for a bad boy at some point in our lives. Even though we know they're probably going to break our hearts, it doesn't stop us from lusting after them. After all, they're just so much fun to flirt with. If that sounds like you, here are a few songs about liking bad boys that you should be able to relate to:

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Ghost by Halsey

Skip to 0:30 to actually start this fun song. If you've never listened to Halsey before, you're missing out. She's bound to be big, because she has an amazing voice and dozens of catchy tunes. After you listen to this song, about liking bad boys in leather, you should listen to the rest of her album. You won't be disappointed.


Sure, the track kicks off with a soft, haunting melody that builds into a catchy chorus that's both relatable and empowering. Halsey's lyrical prowess shines as she explores the allure of the proverbial "bad boy" archetype with a delicate balance of vulnerability and confidence. The synth-pop beats coupled with her ethereal vocals create a perfect backdrop for those moments when you're feeling a little rebellious. Dive into the rest of her discography, and find yourself entranced by her distinct sound and raw, emotional storytelling. Ghost might just be the tip of the iceberg for Halsey's musical talents.


Bad Boys by Zara Larsson

Here's another song about not being able to resist the boys who are bound to break our hearts. It has lyrics like, "There's something 'bout the bad boys that makes the good girls fall in love." We all know how true that line is. After all, we're about as good as they come, aren't we?


Swedish pop sensation Zara Larsson encapsulates the quintessential good girl/bad boy romance in her catchy track Bad Boys. The song not only serves up addictive hooks but is also a guilty pleasure anthem for those who've fallen for the rebel charm despite knowing better. And let's admit it, sometimes it's that hint of danger and mystery in the bad boys that ignites a fire you simply can't put out. The allure is undeniable, weaving a tale as old as time about heartbreak and the thrill of the chase. We've all been there, haven't we?


Good Girls Bad Guys by Falling in Reverse

Skip to 1:35 to skip the intro and actually start the song. It's told from a man's point of view. He knows he's a "bad boy" and he's wondering why so many good girls fall for him. He knows that he's going to end up hurting them, but he can't stay away from them, just like they can't stay away from him.


The Good Girls Bad Guys theme taps into the age-old trope of the forbidden attraction between polar opposites. The song's catchy beat underscores a narrative that's all the more tantalizing because it's dangerous and taboo. The irresistible pull of the bad boy persona, despite the inevitable heartache, is a siren call to good girls everywhere. It speaks to the mystery and excitement of stepping outside one's comfort zone, even if the consequences are known. This is a dance with danger, set to music; a flirtation with the thrill of the proverbially wrong choice.


Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship and Leighton Meester

You know Leighton as Blair from Gossip Girl. Of course, she can do more than act. She sings half of this song, which is about a good girl deciding to act like a badass for the night. It'll push you to go out and have fun. Just don't forget to think of the consequences of your actions.


Leighton Meester's Gossip Girl persona might be all about Upper East Side sophistication, but when she teams up with Cobra Starship, she turns the tables on her prim and proper image. The catchy beat mixed with lyrics that entice the listener to cut loose and embrace their inner rebel make this song a perfect pre-party anthem. So, grab your heels, swipe on that smoky eyeshadow, and prep yourself for a night where you're not following the rules. Just remember, it's all in good fun—keep it classy and safe!


Criminal by Britney Spears

Skip to 1:25 to start the actual song (even though the intro is pretty interesting). This one is about a girl who is in love with a bum who lies and is unreliable. Even though she's been told to stay away from him, and realizes that her feelings for him are irrational, she just can't stay away. She's completely in love with him.


The allure of the dangerous and the forbidden drips from every beat of Criminal. With Britney's iconic breathy vocals, the song captures that intense, heart-racing feeling of falling for someone you know isn't good for you. It's that classic tale of the good girl unable to resist the bad boy charm, perfectly encapsulated in lines like, "He is a hustler, he's no good at all." Yet, the raw emotion in the track makes you understand why she's drawn to him like a moth to a flame, despite the warning bells.


Break Apart Her Heart by Good Charlotte

This song is about a man who thinks the only way to win a woman's heart is by treating her poorly. Unfortunately, a lot of women prefer men who won't give them the time of day instead of the men who try to be there for them. It's a sad truth.


The song's angsty melody and sharp lyrics echo the frustrating dynamics of attraction where indifference seems to be the mysterious ingredient stirring desire. Good Charlotte taps into this paradox with finesse, wrapping the raw emotion in punk-pop riffs that underscore the contradiction at the heart of many such relationships. "Break Apart Her Heart" thus becomes an anthem for those who've found themselves playing games of emotional chess, only to realize that authenticity might be the most underrated move in the playbook.


Good Girl by Carrie Underwood

Even though bad boys are sexy, there's no denying that they'll probably end up breaking your heart. That's why Carrie Underwood created this song about watching your back. In it, she reminds good girls to avoid falling for bad boys, because they're no good for you.

It doesn't matter how smart you are with your heart, because you're eventually going to fall for a bad boy. They're irresistible. Do you have a habit of falling for bad boys?

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