7 Songs about Forgiveness That Will Teach You a Lesson or Two ...


7 Songs about Forgiveness That Will Teach You a Lesson or Two ...
7 Songs about Forgiveness That Will Teach You a Lesson or Two ...

Songs about forgiveness can aid you in a personal growth of compassion. Forgiving is the hardest task for a human to ever accomplish in life, but it can be done. The seven songs on this list are some of the most spiritual yet educational works of art that speak on this matter. Let's take a look at some of these songs about forgiveness that will help during this healing process.

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“Wings of Forgiveness”- India Arie

India Arie's soulful “Wings of Forgiveness” is one of the many songs about forgiveness that speaks on the unbearable pain humans cause one another. Arie reminds us that people are “only human” and will inevitably make mistakes. She references Jesus, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela as people who once had to forgive their oppressors. There's no need to judge someone based off of his or her shortcomings, instead replace the bitterness with love and you will eventually start a beautiful domino effect of forgiveness.


“I Forgive You”-Kellie Pickler

Have you become so resentful that now the weight of your anguish is dragging you down? Well, Kellie Pickler's version of forgiveness encourages you to let all that anger go. Responding to your situation with rage or abusive habits can't beget peace; only love can. Therefore, forgiving the person who has hurt you is the ONLY solution to this burden. Like the song says, “And I've prayed and prayed for it to go away. There's only one thing left for me to do…is forgive you.”


“Forgiveness”- TobyMac Ft. Lecrae

TobyMac's “Forgiveness” shares a different insight into forgiveness. There may be someone out there walking around with guilt because you haven't granted them liberty from their faults. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that everyone will stumble and fall at some point in life. In the same way that a person may be begging for your forgiveness, you may just want the same someday. Therefore, if you want to be forgiven, you have to institute the process of forgiveness within your own life.


“I Forgive You”-Kelly Clarkson

There's really no going back to change the past. However, there is a way to deal with unwarranted outcomes. Kelly Clarkson states in her song: “No shame, no blame ‘cause the damage is done. And, I forgive you.” Forgiveness helps you realize that you can't resolve an issue by being in denial or wishing that it would just go away. Acknowledging it and accepting it for what it is will help you in forgiving someone.


“Forgive and Forget”-You Me at Six

“Forgive but never forget” is a motto commonly accepted by many, but sometimes the latter can hold you back from being at peace in life. Depending on your own personal motives, never forgetting what someone has done to you can be a hindrance. Some people choose to never forget someone's wrongdoings as a form of blackmail while others use it as a life lesson. Sometimes forgetting the bad can help you move on completely-especially if you're trying to rekindle a relationship with someone.


“Pray for Forgiveness”-Alicia Keys

“Pray for Forgiveness” by Alicia Keys expresses a moment where a person has hit rock bottom. They have lost all hope in life itself all because they can't forgive themselves. You may have gotten to a point that you're crying out for someone to help you heal. Keys reminds us that looking deep within yourself to find the strength to forgive is the solution. No one can do this but you. Forgiveness starts with you and it ends with you.


Alicia Keys, through her soulful voice and poignant lyrics in “Pray for Forgiveness,” reaches out to anyone engulfed by the torment of self-incrimination. The song acts as a soft reminder that the path to peace often lies in releasing oneself from the chains of self-judgement. It's a heartfelt call to embrace our human imperfections and forgive our missteps, highlighting the profound healing that comes from self-forgiveness. Alicia's powerful message encourages listeners to seek solace in their inner sanctum, reaffirming that forgiveness is an intimate journey, one that we must embark on individually for true liberation.


“Forgiveness"-Matthew West

Matthew West's “Forgiveness” gives a spiritual viewpoint of why forgiveness is such a great thing to accept in our daily lives. The lyrics describe how forgiveness is the hardest and sometimes the most impossible thing a human could ever achieve. Yet, forgiving someone relieves you of animosity and resentment. Once you have mastered the action of forgiveness, you have found the true meaning of being at peace with life in general. After all, “the prisoner it really frees is you.”

Forgiveness will never be easy. However, it's a great habit to implement in your life because not only will you be giving clemency to the person who has hurt you, but also to yourself. Did any of these songs help you realize that you need to forgive? What are some other great songs that encourage forgiveness?

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I don't know if it only counts to have the name on the title, but there is this incredible song of Laura Pausini, called "broken vow". It has a maturity that amazes. She tells that after the cheating, she let the man go after being able to keep inside something better than the vow he broke! Amazing!

You Me At Six is the best on this list.

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