We Are Missing the whole point of Taylor Swift's "Delicate" Music Video ...


We Are Missing the whole point of Taylor Swift's "Delicate" Music Video ...
We Are Missing the whole point of Taylor Swift's "Delicate" Music Video ...

I really think we are missing the whole point behind Taylor Swift's "Delicate" music video.

By now, basically everybody and their dog has seen Taylor Swift’s new “Delicate” music video. It is amazing and beautiful. The internet is currently flooded with videos and articles explaining all the secret references, Easter eggs, and symbolism that Swift snuck into her video. But do we really get it?

While the song “Delicate” itself is widely believed to be about Swift’s current bae, Joe Alwyn, the music video seems to have little to no reference to Taylor’s love life…or does it?! No, I am not just referring to the “Joe’s Deli” sign behind Taylor while she dances in the rain. There is much more to the story here.

The music video starts with Taylor Swift on the red carpet surrounded by reporters and screaming fans. She is displaying what seems like a forced smile. An unknown man quickly walks passed the songstress, handing her a small note. We then see Taylor continue to struggle with the privacy and safety issues of a famous pop star as she is followed by several bodyguards and then is still attacked by a crazed fan.

We also witness how lonely she feels while she makes faces in the mirror. While sitting in the dressing room alone, she opens the note which magically makes her invisible. Once she realizes this, she throws her sparkly high heels to the side. She rips off the bottom part of her dress, which likely symbolizes her new-found freedom to reveal her true self, which she then demonstrates by goofily dancing barefoot throughout the entire hotel lobby and eventually in the pouring rain outside. The entire video is a metaphor for the struggles of being so famous.

Here is where we start getting into the good stuff. The lyrics of the first verse of “Delicate” says, “Dive bar on the East Side, where you at? Phone lights up my nightstand in the black. Come here you can meet me in the back.” Just before the video ends, we see Taylor walk into a dive bar, like the one referenced in the first verse, literally on the east side of the screen.

Once inside, she re-reads the note which makes her visible again. People sitting at the bar notice Taylor and look shocked to see her there. Taylor doesn’t seem to care. She seems to be looking for somebody whom she planned to meet in the back. We only see Taylor’s expression, but it looks like she makes eye contact with this mystery person and responds with a genuine smile and an expression of sincere contentment.

The note is also a metaphor. Firstly, it symbolizes Taylor’s break from the limelight once her ‘reputation’ was damaged the year prior. Her hiatus gave her the freedom to discover herself without the scrutiny. The note also symbolizes somebody who likes Taylor Swift for her. Perhaps this person helped her realize that she did not need outside approval to truly love herself. The deliverer of this note is unseen but the messenger is likely the person who helped her find herself. Since it is generally understood that “Delicate” is about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Joe Alwyn, it is likely that the music video is about him as well.

The creator of the note from the video is Joe Alwyn. The person she looks for in the back of the bar is also Joe Alwyn. However, Joe is only hinted at throughout the video but never seen. He helps Taylor find herself, all by herself, without taking credit. This journey is not about him, but only about Taylor. Taylor discovers who she really is without anyone else involved, then she can truly be happy in a healthy relationship.

Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” music video is not just about the loneliness and struggles of fame, it is about discovering yourself without distractions, dancing like nobody is watching, finding what makes you truly happy and pursuing that. Once that is accomplished, you can be sincerely happy in a healthy relationship. Taylor Swift is notorious for singing about her love life, but this time it is a little different. This song is not about a prince charming coming on his “white horse” to save the girl from all her problems. The “Delicate” music video is about discovering and saving yourself first without outside influence. It might be one of the best messages Taylor Swift has given us through her music. And that's why we are missing the whole point behind Taylor Swift's "Delicate" music video. Want to see it for yourself? Check it out below.

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who is missing this? it’s the theme behind the entire album, almost to the point of redundancy...

The song is meaningful. I think the problem is how an individual takes in the words. They take in what they think and don’t even pause to feel the melody of the lyrics and the movement of the song.

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