9 Lyrics for when You Love Someone That Say How You Feel ...


9 Lyrics for when You Love Someone That Say How You Feel ...
9 Lyrics for when You Love Someone That Say How You Feel ...

There are Taylor Swift songs for every occasion, whether you’re falling apart or falling in love. Maybe you’re somewhere in between. Either way, there are Taylor Swift songs for every emotion on the spectrum. While she’s known for writing heart wrenching breakup songs, she also writes amazing love songs that are exactly what you want to listen to when you’re falling in love. Let's take a look at her awesome songs with lyrics for when you love someone.

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Mine is unique in that it chronicles an entire relationship, from just meeting, to first fights, to growing old together. It’s one of the more famous Taylor Swift songs, so you’ve probably heard it. It’s a beautiful song lyrically, but what’s always stood out to me is the music video. If you’ve never seen the music video, I suggest watching it right now. It was shot in Kennebunkport, Maine, and the cinematography and scenery are gorgeous.



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Enchanted is a song you listen to right after meeting someone new. She sings about meeting someone and feeling something special, but not knowing what will happen after the moment is over. You’re left wonderstruck, as she says in the song. You’ve probably had an experience like this, and if you haven’t, you now have a song on hand for when the time comes!


Everything Has Changed

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Everything Has Changed is Taylor Swift’s collaboration with Ed Sheeran, making it one of my favorite songs she’s ever put out. Like Enchanted, Everything Has Changed is one of those songs about just meeting someone and the possibilities that lie ahead. Instead of being “enchanted” this time, she feels a shift in her life. Once again, it’s a relatable feeling that I’m sure we’ve all felt when meeting someone new.



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Starlight was written as a tribute to Ethel and Robert F. Kennedy, as I’m sure is obvious from the first verse. It’s a wistful, fun song about falling in love. It has vintage themes with pop undertones, which makes for a song that you want to dance to, as well as a song you want to listen to when you’re falling in love!


Love Story

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Love Story is the classic Taylor Swift love song, hence why it needed to be included in this list. It’s supposed to remind you of Romeo and Juliet, but I think it does a good job of reminding you of young love in general. It’s one of her most popular songs, meaning almost no further explanation is needed. You’ve probably listened to this song on repeat when you were in falling in love before.

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Jump then Fall

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Jump Then Fall is almost a secret song. No one’s really heard it besides the super fans, but it’s personally one of my favorite songs by her. It’s playful and fun. It reminds you of falling in love, no matter what your current circumstances are. This is one of those songs you’ll want to add to your playlist of when you love someone lyrics because it's playful, catchy, and beautiful.


Mary’s Song

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Mary’s Song is a song about a couple that were in love all their lives. It may seem unrealistic and somewhat like a fairy tale, but she actually wrote it after her older neighbors, who had really lived the life she depicts in the song. It’s an epic love story, and Taylor tells it well.


Sparks Fly

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Sparks Fly is a song that was solely released because she sang it live in concert and it quickly became a fan favorite. It’s a song about the beginning stages of falling in love, through and through. If you’ve never heard this song, you should give it a listen, especially if you want when you love someone lyrics blasting in your speakers. No matter your circumstances, it will probably become one of your favorites.



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Red seems to be an album of hits, but there are a few hidden gems many people haven’t heard yet. Treacherous is one of those songs. It’s one of the most beautiful songs on Red. It’s about knowing you should walk away because it’s dangerous, but falling in love anyway. Everyone’s been there, everyone can relate, and you will undoubtedly love this song.

What’s your favorite Taylor Swift love song? Let me know in the comments!

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Sparkles Fly!

I love Mine too. Its my #1 song. And yo're right about the video.

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